Existing TB Keeper Fantasy Football League Looking for New Owners

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  1. mateoloco


    Jan 17, 2015
    This league will be in its 4th season and we are in need of some new owners. Due to the influx of new owners, our rules are also slightly in flux.

    As it CURRENTLY stands, teams get to keep up to 3 players at the cost of a 1 round escalation per year (i.e., Devonta Freeman was drafted in the 8th round in 2016, he costs a 7th in 2017, a 6th in 2018, etc.). Undrafted free agents can be kept at a 6th round cost; drafted players that are dropped and then added through waivers cost the same as if they were drafted and not dropped (i.e., 1 round escalation). So, if you keep a player with, for example, a 5th round draft cost, that keeper becomes your de facto 5th round pick. Since we're in flux with several new owners, some current owners have suggested that we start over with keepers. I would prefer not to do that but am willing to consider it and vote on it.

    Currently, the league is 0.5 ppr, 0.25 for first downs. Starting Lineup is 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 W/R/T, 7 bench, 1 IR. We had defenses and kickers but got rid of them. We may bring defenses back. We may transition to an auction draft (I think auctions even things up a bit in keeper leagues), but are currently a 12 team snake draft. We are on Yahoo!.

    Currently 12 teams, 6 teams make playoffs, top 2 get 1st round bye. Top 3 teams get boxes (5 to 1st, 3 to 2nd, 1 to 3rd). Boxes should be a six shipper or so and include one nice bottle (think seasonal Cantillon or somewhat sought after brewery-only release). If you have no trade feedback or negative/neutral feedback you will need to message me to get into the league.

    If you have any questions just reply in the thread and I'll get you as much info as I can.

    At the moment we have 4 slots available. If one of these teams interests you and you have positive trade feedback, just reply in the thread and consider that team yours. As I said before, some current owners have suggested that we start over with keepers. I would prefer not to do that but am willing to consider it and vote on it. So if you want in the league but none of those teams appeals to you, just let me know.

    Tagging RuckIt as he expressed interest in another thread.

    Team #1
    Player Name: Keeper Round Cost
    LeVeon Bell Can't be kept
    Ezekiel Elliott Can't be kept
    Keenan Allen 1
    Travis Kelce 2
    Ty Montgomery 2
    Emmanuel Sanders 3
    Randall Cobb 6
    Jermaine Kearse 6
    Alfred Morris 6
    Mike Williams 6
    Jay Ajayi 7
    Matt Forte 9
    Jamaal Charles 10
    Matthew Stafford 12
    Robert Woods 13

    Team #2
    Player Name: Keeper Round Cost
    Rob Gronkowski Can't Be Kept
    Mark Ingram 2
    Golden Tate 3
    Russell Wilson 4
    Jamison Crowder 5
    Ted Ginn Jr. 6
    Jalen Richard 6
    J.D. McKissic 6
    Dontrelle Inman 6
    Marvin Jones Jr. 8
    Dion Lewis 12
    Will Fuller V 13
    C.J. Prosise 14

    Team #3
    Player Name: Keeper Round Cost
    LeSean McCoy Can't Be Kept
    Dez Bryant 1
    Greg Olsen 3
    Martavis Bryant 3
    Zach Ertz 6
    Bruce Ellington 6
    Damien Williams 6
    Duke Johnson Jr. 7
    Corey Davis 8
    DeVante Parker 9
    James White 9
    Kenny Golladay 11
    Dak Prescott 11
    Josh Doctson 12
    Jamaal Williams 13

    Team #4
    Team Name: Keeper Round Cost
    Julio Jones Can't Be Kept
    T.Y. Hilton 1
    Michael Crabtree 4
    Matt Ryan 5
    Isaiah Crowell 6
    Chris Hogan 6
    Kenyan Drake 6
    Theo Riddick 8
    LeGarrette Blount 8
    Kirk Cousins 10
    Devin Funchess 11
    Jimmy Graham 11
    Cameron Brate 12
    Travis Benjamin 13
    Terrelle Pryor Sr. 13
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    Apr 10, 2016
    New Jersey
    In for team #2!

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  3. MikeJones


    Apr 10, 2016
    New Jersey
    What do you mean with "starting over with keepers"? Like full redraft? Or you don't have to drop the guys you can't keep listed above (If this is the case then I would want team #1)? And those guys can't be kept because they were ones last year correct?
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  4. RuckIt


    Jun 12, 2017
    Damn, was going to snag that one but didn't get here in time.

    I'll go with Team 4
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  5. mateoloco


    Jan 17, 2015
    By "starting over with keepers" I mean that no one could be kept for the upcoming draft. So it would the 2018 draft would be a normal draft, but players from the 2018 draft could be kept the following year, in 2019. As it currently stands, you could keep up to 3 of the players on team #2 for the cost of the draft pick listed next to their name. So, for instance, if you wanted to keep Dion Lewis, he would be your 12th round pick; Will Fuller would be your 13th round pick, etc. Again, you can keep up to 3. Let me know if you are still unclear. I realize that this can be confusing.

    The reason why Gronk, Leveon, etc., can't be kept is because they were 1st round picks last year. Since there is a 1 year escalator on keepers, you can't keep 1st round picks. You can keep a player for as many years as it takes for them to cost a 1st round pick. So in my original example, if Devonta Freeman was originally an 8th round pick, then he can be kept for 7 years, until he costs a 1st round draft pick.
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  6. MikeJones


    Apr 10, 2016
    New Jersey
    Got it. Makes sense.
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  7. RuckIt


    Jun 12, 2017
    Would we consider a sliding scale, or maximum number of years a player could be kept? Imagine if someone takes a flyer on Josh Rosen in the 15th round, and he turns out to be the next Brady. That team would be guaranteed a 1st round talent in perpetuity while only giving up a pick in the 100's.

    I've been in two keeper leagues previously; In one, in addition to the escalating keeper cost, we had a 3-year (consecutive) maximum for keepers. There was also a rule where traded players' clock did not reset, so there was no added "keeper" benefit for acquiring someone in their 3rd consecutive year.

    In the second league, the cost to keep a player was not linear. In year 1 you lost a pick in the earlier round. Year 2 you lost a pick 3 rounds ahead of original draft slot. Year 3 was 6 rounds. (15th round Rosen would cost 14th in 2019, 12th in 2020, 9th in 2021, etc...)

    Not saying we would have to do one of these options - the current model is fine with me - I just figured I'd throw these ideas out there.

    My team doesn't have the best keepers, so obviously it would benefit me to start over, but I'm also fine with the challenge of building a championship roster fighting an uphill battle.

    +1 for this, assuming point values are reasonable.

    -1 for this, simply because I've never done more than a mock auction or two. If the majority want to go Auction, count me in, I'm sure I can learn.
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