Other Stuff FT: assorted AWA, Cantillon LPG, bottle logic, SAOS CS Rye ISO: red/white burgundy

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  1. ScorseseZoe


    Oct 21, 2014
    Not sure how much crossover there may be on these boards, but if anyone is looking for some of the following and has a backstock of burgundy (Puligny Montrachet and Gevrey Chambertin are my jam but I'm open to everything) hit me up and we'll talk:

    SAOS CS Rye 7yr and 8yr (PM me for details)
    Cantillon LPG '13
    DDG b3
    Veritas 18
    Abricot du Fermier
    BL Roll for Initiative
    BL Darkstar November
    Sante Adairius Nonna's 8/9/10
    FF Bosbes
    RR Beatification (last 3 batches)
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  2. CheapBeerBuzz


    Apr 21, 2013
    Foster Shitty, CA
    Serious question, are you looking for any burgundy from those areas or a specific house? This just seems to be a plea to get rid of beer. If serious, I'll see what I have and throw out a list of interest.
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  3. MKtheGeneral


    Apr 10, 2013
    Northern NJ / NYC
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  4. PrinceCasual


    Nov 20, 2016
    Wash DC
    If you're ever in northern virginia you should hit up the Wegmans in Farifax/Dulles/Mannassas- the locations that have been around for a decade.

    They LITERALLY have walls of Jadot Burgs ranging from village to GC, from the last 10 years just sitting there... like one store will have 8 vintages of Gevrey Chambertin, plus assorted single vineyards from Gevrey Chambertin peppered in as well. They do the pre-sales that arrive in ~Sept, and the rated stuff gets picked over (not that Jadot Burgundies get tons of ratings but I digress). They are literally primed and ready for a rich person to just take it all home. I don't know if they overestimated they desire of this area for wines like that, or are getting them for cheap (since they keep ordering more and more, more comes in than goes out by a long shot).
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