Liquor FT: Hill Farmstead, Casey, other saisons/wilds ISO: bourbon/whisky

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  1. The Red Viper

    The Red Viper

    Sep 24, 2014
    Knoxville, TN
    I just have too much beer that I'm not drinking through since I drink a lot more whisky than beer these days, so hoping to convert some of this beer into whisky. Not looking for anything super hard to find, some of this is probably on shelf pretty much everywhere.

    Brew Gentlemen Inquisitive Visitor
    Brew Gentlemen Mosaic Saison
    Brew Gentlemen Runaway
    Casey Funky Blender batch 1
    Casey Saison 11/11/2915
    x2 Casey Saison 3/9/2016
    x2 Casey Saison 4/7/2016 (Cascade Dry Hopped)
    Commons Good Problems
    Grassroots Brother Soigne 2015
    Grassroots Convivial Suarez 2013
    Grassroots Convivial Suarez 2014
    x2 Grassroots Convivial Suarez 2015
    Grassroots Sankt Hans 2015
    x4 Hanssens Oude Kriek Schaerbeekse 2015
    Hill Farmstead Anna 2015
    Hill Farmstead Arthur 2014 (05/2014)
    Hill Farmstead Arthur 2015 (03/2015)
    x2 Hill Farmstead Arthur 2015 (10/13)
    Hill Farmstead Clara 2015
    Logsdon Szech'n'Brett 2015
    Off Color Papillon
    Side Project Grisette b3
    Tired Hands Shambolic
    Tired Hands Sticky Drippy Crystals
    Transient Ardent b2
    Transient Pentameter b2
    Yazoo Foeder Beer #1
    Yazoo Saison du Bois

    Elijah Craig Barrel Proof
    Barrell Bourbon batches 014, 009, New Year's 2018, maybe others
    Knob Creek single barrel store picks
    Stagg Jr.
    Four Roses Private Selection (probably just OESO, OBSO, OESQ, OBSQ, OESV but maybe others if you can describe them and they sound up my alley)
    maybe other interesting store pick single barrels
    Caol Ila 12, unpeated 15, probably others
    Ledaig 10, 19 Oloroso, most any others
    Bunnahabhain 18 or independent bottlings of Bunna
    independent bottlings of Ardmore, Ben Nevis, Highland Park, Tobermory

    Those are examples of my ISOs but if you want stuff from my FT list and are down to buy whisky to trade, good chance we can find something I'd want even if it's not on this list so feel free to PM.
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  2. TheBus


    May 21, 2016
    Geneva, IL
    You can have my Stagg Jr that I don't need/want for whatever Arthur's / Anna's you don't need/want that gets us close to $4$.
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  3. The Red Viper

    The Red Viper

    Sep 24, 2014
    Knoxville, TN
    I have someone else already asking about those first let me see if that goes anywhere and get back to you when I know what’s available.
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