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    I’m trying to finish up some cellar cleaning and have a couple lots of beer that I’d like to trade for readily available bottles of whisky (happy to work with someone who knows nothing about whisky). I’m willing to trade these lots below face value to avoid breaking them up.

    LOT 1
    Crooked Stave St. Bretta (Spring 2013)
    Crooked Stave St. Bretta (Summer 2013)
    Crooked Stave St. Bretta (Fall 2013)
    Grassroots Convivial Suarez 02/2015
    Grassroots Sankt Hans 2015
    Hill Farmstead Anna (9/15/2015)
    Logsdon Szech'n'Brett 2015
    Off Color Papillon
    Perennial Funky Wit 2015
    Perennial Melon Funky Wit 2016
    Side Project Grisette b3 (2015)
    Transient Ardent b2 (2016)
    Transient Pentameter 2015
    Yazoo Foeder Beer #1
    Yazoo Saison du Bois 2016

    LOT 2
    x4 Hanssens Oude Kriek Schaerbeekse (January 2015, 75cl)
    Lindemans BlossomGueuze
    Lindemans Gueuze Cuvee Rene Special Blend 2010

    My math (which is from memory of prices so could be off in either direction) says retail cost on the first lot was about $205 and the second roughly $180, I’m willing to value them more like $180 and $150 respectively in terms of the retail cost of what I trade them for, so you’d come out no more than retail cost and probably below even after shipping.

    I’m flexible on what I trade for. If your local has a good whisky selection I’m sure there are bottles I’d be interested in—including almost any Four Roses Private Selection store picks for example, or Amrut cask strength, or plenty of different Scotch. There are bottles that can be ordered online and shipped directly I’d be interested in. If nothing else, there are bottles at shops local to me you could pay for and not even have to do anything else on your end. Just message me if interested and we can figure something out.

    I also have a few more rare bottles and glasses I’d trade for whisky including:

    De Garde The Duo b1
    Casey Leaner 2016
    Lambik Ohrwal
    OG Prairie Catfish Glass (their very first glass that less than 100 were made of)
    Talkbeer script glass (maybe...)
    tons of more common glasses I could shop as a big set, I’m running out of room for my glassware collection and would love to trim down
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    Dat Lambik Ohrwal

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