US - Great Lakes Great Taste of the Midwest

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  1. Gonzoillini


    Apr 12, 2013
    A few thoughts on this years Great Taste of the Midwest in no particular order.

    The early admission for brewers is absurd and literally let me try almost everything I wanted (that was tapped at the beginning of the day) before 1pm.

    Off Color brought it strong as always and the Blackout Juice they had for folks to pour from before the general admission was nuts (think it was something to the effect of Fierce, Grapefruit, Tequilla, Bitters). Margarita beer in the morning was fantastic. Double Two Hearted from Bells was everything I was hoping for as well and wasn't as sweet as I was expecting.

    New Glarus Champ du Blancs was possibly my favorite beer of the day with the Barrel Aged Third Coast Old Ale coming in a close 2nd. The Leinenkugels 2012 Big Eddy with Cocoa, Cinnamon, Chilie was the most surprisingly good beer I had.

    White Winter Meadery is the best secret of the festival and I probably had about 5 Meadjitos throughout the day with no line even though they had some great vintage pours from 2005, 2009 and 2010.

    Blind Pig Brewery is doing some really tasty stuff in Champaign IL and I'm hoping for continued success for their stuff as it's always tasty.
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  2. Tooch4321


    Feb 11, 2014
    Chicago, IL
    Speaking of R&D Champ du Blancs, anyone in Chicago willing to swap a bottle for last year's R&D BBBBBBBBBBBBB?
  3. furley


    Dec 6, 2014
    this has been bugging me for the last 10 days.. anyone know the guy wandering around the fest grounds that was sporting the Wisco hat with what looked like a wooden badge in the shape of the state?