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    At the request of my wife I recently did a homemade limoncello and wanted to share the recipe I used:

    Items needed-
    10 lemons
    1 750 ml bottle of Everclear 95% alcohol - 190 proof
    simple syrup - 2 1/2 cups sugar with 3 1/2 cups water
    Vegetable peeler
    60 oz jug for final product

    I did a lot of research and my wife and I were quite pleased with the results. I don't remember where I found this recipe or if it was a combo of multiple sources, sorry.

    Make sure to use organic lemons so you don't have to worry about chemicals or waxes on the lemon. Clean all the lemons to ensure everything is sanitary. Peel the lemons and do NOT let any of the white pith come off with the peel which will make the final drink bitter. The peel should be yellow on both sides. After peeling all the lemons, put them into a jar. Pour the Everclear into the container with the peels.

    The Everclear extracts the lemon oils from the peel. There is no lemon juice in this recipe. After we were done peeling the lemons we juiced them and froze them in ice trays. Once frozen we put them into a zip lock bag so it didn't take on the odor of the freezer.

    Let the peels and Everclear steep for three weeks in a dark closet. I shook up the mixture every other day. You know when all the oils are extracted from the peels when they turn white/opaque color and if you bend it, it will snap like a potato chip. This yielded just over 750 ml of liquid. Strain this mixture once or twice with a fine strainer to get any bits removed. You could use a coffee filter, but that can take a while to strain, I didn't use one. The coffee strainer also apparently reduces the cloudiness of the final product.

    Combine the sugar and water to make the simple syrup slowly bringing it to a boil, let it cool, and then combine with the lemon mixture. I don't like a thick simple syrup so as soon as this reached a boil I removed it from the heat. I've seen some boil the mixture for up to five minutes to get it thicker. Overall everything makes almost 60 oz or just shy of 1.75ml.

    Let this sit for a month to mellow out. You can drink it right away, but we found a month was where we liked it and it didn't seem to improve much afterwards.

    This recipe is a great starting point. My wife and I really enjoyed the results. It wasn't too boozy or thin. It had just the right amount of alcohol with lemon flavor and sweetness, overall pretty balanced. You can also use this recipe as a guide to make orangecello, limecello, and grapefruitcello.

    I've seen other recipes use plain or flavored vodka to steep the lemon peels or add some of the lemon juice to the mixture, or use honey instead of simple syrup. Maybe I'll experiment with that later on, but this is a basic recipe and is a successful first attempt at homemade limoncello. You will be pleased.

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    I wouldn't worry about sanitizing the peels before using them. 190 proof jet fuel will do that for you.
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