US - Mountain Idaho and Utah (salt lake and boise)

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  1. TheeWalrusHunter


    Feb 18, 2014
    Portland, OR
    Driving from Portland to SLC through boise

    Anyone got the beat on interesting breweries around I-84. Looking for non run of the mill stuff.

    Preferences towards places that have:
    Good beer
    Beautiful setting

    I just want something interesting.

    I have a penchant towards saisons, ipas, sours, and lagers.

    Thanks friends.
  2. TheeWalrusHunter


    Feb 18, 2014
    Portland, OR
    Thanks for the suggestions GUYS!

    I guess i will just relegate myself to drinking 3.2 beer out of a paper bag.

    So maybe more specific questions will elicit a better reponse...

    • Is Epic brewing worth a visit?
    • How about Uinta?
    • Can i even buy their beer in SLC, due to ABV caps?
    • Do I need a bike? Should I irresponsibly sign an exorbitant about of pro-Mormon advocacy sheets?
    • What about Red Rock Brewing? or Sockeye Brewing? HAS ANYONE EVEN HEARD OF THESE PLACES?

    • What is Boise like?
    • Has anyone ever been there?
    • DO I have to shave my head and post up confederate flag stickers on the back of my prius?
    • I have brown hair. Is that ok?... or should I think about a quick bleach before i go?
    • Is the only thing in Boise malt liquor and potato vodka?
    • Where is the best place to buy potatoes on I-84

    • Should I just drive to Baker City, get trashed at Barley Browns, and then turn around?
    • Are there Federales on the border of Oregon and Idaho?
    • How much bribe money is too much bribe money?
    • Should I pick up this guy if he is hitchhiking:
    Don't answer unless you can answer all of them.
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    Sep 30, 2013
    Bumping this because I'll be staying in downtown Boisestateof