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  1. Friend_of_the_Gueuze


    Oct 4, 2013
    Headed to Indy next week. Have some time to blow and looking for suggestions. Cool things to see/do? Favorite breweries?

    Was thinking of hitting Upland in Bloomington, but looks like their tap line-up is typically ho-hum (if I'm going to Upland, I want enamel stripping sours... okay maybe I don't really want them, but when in Rome...) and the Wood Shop won't be open when I'm free.

    Black Acre and Deviate have my eye. Sun King and New Day maybe. Possibly Brugge Brass, but mostly cuz I like Belgian frites.

    Anything I should not miss?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

  2. atoulouk


    Jun 18, 2013
    Lafayette, Indiana
    Black Acre is definitely worth making time for. In my opinion its probably the only experience better than a "if you have time." Some other Indy brewers make some good beer (Taxman/Sun King sometimes), but visiting the brewery is nothing special. I've actually only been to New Day once and that was for a release, so I can't really speak for that but it seemed like a cool place to go and get a pour of mead if you're in the mood.

    Upland has 2 taprooms in Indy area that will probably offer similar things to the Bloomington tap room. If you are looking to buy upland sours, they sometime have extras available that were not claimed from the recent lottery.

    If you have the time and money, go to St Elmos for a shrimp cocktail and a steak and thank me later.

    If you have less time and less money, just go to Harry and Izzy's for a shrimp cocktail and thank me later.

    Not sure which beer bar has the best taps consistently in the area, but for beer and food I am a fan of Ale Emporium north Indy. You won't find any whales on the list but its extensive enough to find something you'll like and great wings and pizza.
  3. Hopping Tiger

    Hopping Tiger

    May 7, 2014
    I spend a bit of time in Indy, no local or anything, but I agree Black Acre is worth checking out.

    And I want to go here but haven't been able to yet. Heard good things...
  4. realmz


    Nov 10, 2014
    Orange Curtain, CA
    Just got back from a trip in Indiana. Not a local. Spent most of my time in downtown and only briefly had time to make it up Broad Ripple. A few thoughts:

    -You may want to skip Upland. I was underwhelmed even at the Woodshop. I tasted 12+ mediocre beers. A random sour by Triton Brewery blew their stuff out of the water. Some FIBs are more emphatically against.

    -Black Acre and 18th St. were generally my favorite "local" breweries.

    -Favorite bars: Tomlinson Tap Room. Inside the City Market. All Indiana beers. Also enjoyed Twenty Tap.

    -talkfood: Had dinner at Bluebeard and was really impressed. Braised collards? Mmmmm. One of the better pork chops I've had in a long time. Some local indy farm. Will try not to wax on too much.
  5. Friend_of_the_Gueuze


    Oct 4, 2013
    Back from my trip. Thx for the suggestions!

    Straight from IND to Goose the Market for lunch. Pleasantly surprised to see the Koelschip right next door--and they let you bring food in. Goose was awesome--walked out with an amazing sandwhich (Batali) and a handfull of house made charcuterie to nibble on for a couple days. The Koelschip was cool as well. Nice local tap list (heavy on Central States) and a metal vibe.

    Made the mistake of driving out to Black Acre after lunch. Should have checked hours... don't open till 4PM Mon-Thurs. So checked in to the hotel, and them drove out to Bonge's Tavern for Perkinsville Pork (and a shitty tap list). Not worth the drive. Good food, but nothing I couldn't make at home.

    Then back to the hotel and a short walk to Tomlinson Tap Room. Very heavy on Three Floyd's and 18th St and Sour Note. Wanted to dig 18th, but found the hoppy beers ho-hum and the variety of sours lacking (think there were three Sour Notes on, and all variations on gose). Tomlinson was cool about half pours (Koelschip was not), so had enough gas in the tank to Uber it to Black Acre to finish out the day. Really cool spot. Super crowded (trivia night seems pretty popular). Tasty, well made beers.

    Phenomenal breakfast at the Milktooth--which had a crazy good bottle list. If only I didn't have to work! Late lunch and sugar cream pie at Locally Grown Gardens, which is one of the coolest food places I've been to.

    Then to the airport to learn my flight was cancelled, and I couldn't get out till noon the following day. Coin flip between Sobro and Bloomington. Bloomington won.

    Actually enjoyed The Wood Shop, and would do it again. Dinner at Upland taproom I'd pass on next time. Boring food, decent beer (but well made, I'll give them that!). Function Brewing doing some fun stuff--of all things, a pineapple session (yeah, I'll admit it) blew my socks off. And The Tap Brewery made the best IPAs I had in Indiana. Seriously good hoppy beers, and a total surprise. Really only went there because the manager at Function noted that the Tap's head brewer recently was hired from a brewery local to me that I respect. Glad she convinced me to go. Damn good beers.

    Anyway, thanks all for the suggestions! Very helpful!
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  6. claaark13


    Apr 10, 2013
    Dude you've done more in Indy in 1 day than I've done in 17 years.
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