Europe (Other) IP Toulouse July 28-31

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  1. vitaminvert


    Jul 21, 2015
    Hi all,

    I will be traveling to Toulouse for work from lovely Colorado at the end of July. Looking for the usual subjects (sours/lambics). Willing to bring a huge assortment of things (HF, Casey, big American Stouts--Kona Speedway, Cake, MZ, Huna, KRE '12 etc). Let me know if you're interested in working something out! I arrive evening of 7/28 and fly out the morning of 7/31. No vehicle, so we'd need to meet near my hotel by the airport.


    PS. Also accepting advice on great places to drink/buy bottles while there!!!

    Pps. I'm new here, but I have a long history on some of the other sites... Same username.