ISO: 10 Lords a leaping, Bigfoot FT: Inside

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  1. Zrab11


    May 15, 2014
    Looking for
    2 bottles of 10 lords a leaping
    Looking for ONE 12oz bottle of both 17 and 18 Bigfoot.

    Need these beers to keep some verticals going.

    Assume these are prob still on shelves in CA or other places

    Willing to trade any FFF i can get at my local store. Or any other shelf turds indiana might get. Im from muncie so I'm 4hrs away from FFF so I cant get stuff from the brewery.. Just what my local shops get in.. I get some 420 north and some upland sours

    Or have some stuff in my cellar like founders bolt cutter or CBS17' and 18'
    BCS Barleywine
    DL 17
    Black note
    bomb variants

    Message me and we will try and work something out.
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  2. claaark13


    Apr 10, 2013
    Two very important things:

    1) Zach, dude, why are you doing this to yourself?

    1a) I think Zach meant 450 North. As a man who takes pride in hop consumption, I can tell you all that this is something worth at least inquiring further about if you also share hop consumption pride. Particularly if he is referencing their non-standard lineup.

    1b) Fucking Upland.

    2) Zach is legit.

    2b) Fucking Muncie. I wonder if anyone there has ever punched a horse ridden by a police officer. MordorMongo.

    3) If you have all of the things Zach wants and would rather have regular Schramm's like a 75cl Statement and 75cl Raspberry or something like that, let me know and I'm happy to be The Wolf and help this situation.

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  3. Zrab11


    May 15, 2014
    1. This is your fault claaark13. .You gifted me that 2001 Bigfoot to start this debauchery.

    1a). No 420 north is the new spin off from burn' em brewery.. The just started up in MI and include a free joint with each 4pack (j/k)

    1b) **insert upland papaw explosion video here **

    2. Vote for me.

    2b) the dude abides

    3) you are the freakin best man.. Apprecitate the generosity
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