ISO A&T FT Aunis, lambic, old 'tomes, etc

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    Sep 25, 2015
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    Willing to trade for one or multiples. Ratios vary, mostly me adding on my end for any of the below except for the Aunis, which I'd do 1:2+ (Or for Zenne + A&G). I'm also interested in OGVs. For trade...

    Lambic d'Aunis
    Cantillon Kriek (1999)
    Cantillon GCB (2001, 2005)
    Iris 2007 (750ml)
    OGV 2012 (750ml)
    LPK 2008

    US stuff:
    BADL 2016
    Pappy's Imperial Biscotti Break
    CC See the Stars, Existence
    HF Damon '13, BG&E 2014, M&C 2, 5, Aaron, BoT
    SPON b1-4

    Sur Lie 1994, 1997
    Pissenlit 1999
    Hiver 1995
    Automne 1996
    Clos Preal B1, b2
    Pissenlit 2011 x2
    Sante 12, 15, 16