ISO: Archer Cuvee Reserve; FT: SARA, dG, etc

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  1. ac24


    Feb 2, 2015
    Los Angeles, CA
    So my friend wuntrikpony likes the show Archer (no clue really), my cousins wifes nieces uncles named their kid Cuvee and my friend from elementary school is in the Army Reserve (havent spoken to him since elementary school) so I want to open a bottle of The Archer Cuvee Reserve by myself in their honor.

    Seriously though looking for a bottle of Archer Cuvee

    Much Appreciated
    Monkish Fruit Cart
    CD 18
    Currant Gin Bu b1
    Currant Gin Bu b2
    Black Project Thor
    Black Project Atlas
    Suarez Backroads
    Suarez Call to Mind 'Vintage'

    Ratios in your favor, if you can do 2x Archer even better.