ISO: Trillium Sours, FT: MI Beer

Discussion in 'ISO:FT (Beer, Cider, and Mead)' started by beerindex, Sep 25, 2018.

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  1. beerindex


    Sep 30, 2013
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    West Michigan
    For whatever reason, Trillium appears to be going heavy on sour bottles and cans at the moment. Per their website, the following 10 are available at their Fort Point location:

    - Apricot Soak
    - Blackberry Soak
    - Blackcurrant Soak
    - Double Seesaw
    - Escape Plan
    - New England Wild Ale
    - Lineage Rye
    - Lineage Spelt
    - Permutation Series #14
    - Raspberry Lineage

    ...and all except New England Wild Ale are also at their Canton location.

    Would love to trade for one of each of the above (or 4 packs in the case of the canned beers (Double Seesaw, Escape Plan) if necessary).

    Depending on what you want - hops, sours, etc - I can offer up whatever MI stuff people seem to care about like Odd Side, Old Nation, Transient, Schramms, Speciation, etc.
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    Sep 25, 2015
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