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    Marc has some 10/31/17 Vig's for me which is my anniversary! which also happens to be today haha =] so i'm looking for other dated 2017 (or 2016?) Vig's to swap with Marc. i'm also looking to swap a 10/30/13 St. Lam for a 10/31/13.

    Vig. 2017

    FT: pick 3 per Vig. will throw extra cans and what not
    Anna '14
    Anna '16 (extended age)
    Edith '15
    Twilight of the Idols '15
    NG Vintage '15
    F&M Broer Seizoen
    F&M Pareidolia
    F&M Vimana (Horus collab.)
    F&M Malurus (Modern Times collab.)
    TH Spring
    TH Frequency Illusions; Riesling
    TH Frequency Illusions; Merlot
    TH Frequency Illusions; Heirloom Cider
    BCBS '14 & '15
    Peche n Brett '17
    Referend A Ghost is Born
    Referend Veni Sancte Spiritus
    Referend Berliner Messe
    Referend Kyrie
    Referend Le Mur
    Referend Alleluiavers
    Referend cans (ask)
    Fermentery Form Formation b1
    CS A Nightmare on Brett Blueberry
    CS A Nightmare on Brett '14
    Carton Scobyville Pumpkin Cream Ale
    Carton SS2014
    Carton Regular Coffee Kaffee Und Kuchen
    OH Crickets
    OH Mosaic Daydream
    OH Short Dark & Handsome Peanut Butter
    OH Dollar Slice
    OH Mmm... Dream Cherry/Vanilla
    OH Lingonparon
    Parabola '17
    Alvinne Cuvee Sofie Cloudberries
    Tilquin Mure 17-18