ISO: Yazoo ETF Saison Colada FT: List

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    Hoping there are some Nashville folks in here that might be able to help me out...

    ISO: Yazoo ETF Saison Colada from this Friday’s release. Looking to trade for up to 4 bottles. Obviously willing to do multiple trades.


    De Garde - Petite Kriek, The Marion

    Moksa - The Lush

    SARA - Cask 200, Yeoman’s Pride, Lady in Grey

    Cellarmaker - BA Vastness of Space

    Tioga Sequioa - Morning Rush

    Cerebral - Work From Home

    Beachwood - BA Mocha Machine

    Goose Island - Regal Rye

    Bruery - Mocha Wednesday 2015

    Russian River - Beatification batch 6

    Fieldwork - Vikings Lament 2017

    Lots of Rare Barrel beers
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