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  1. BarrelAgedSour


    Dec 14, 2013
    Portland, OR
    Jake was the one who came from Prairie, replacing Jordan from Jester King who is now at Trois Dames. I have also heard that Jake left recently for Florida.
  2. waltersrj


    Apr 14, 2013
    Portland, OR
    Wait what?!? So two brewers have left. Who the F is brewing the beer then and why has there been no member email about it?
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  3. NAD1983


    Nov 16, 2013
    2.5 hours later and this is even more applicable....

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  4. falc0n2600


    Sep 30, 2013
    My friend is friends with Jake. I'll ask him if he knows any details. I heard about Jake leaving some time ago, at least three or four months. I don't think it was public knowledge at the time, though.
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  5. DougOLis


    Oct 2, 2013
    I had emailed a question in response to the shipping email and never heard back either. But I also haven't followed up again.
  6. Dunt


    Apr 11, 2013
    City of Big Shoulders & Tiny Pours
    Was thinking about joining this membership (in addition to my Wakefield membership). Glad I didn't get burned twice.
  7. waltersrj


    Apr 14, 2013
    Portland, OR
    It's amazing to me how well some membership programs are run in comparison to each other. For instance my Garagiste Meadery experience has been freaking unreal. Chad and Sarah have cultivated something unbelievable. This W&P membership has not been that great especially lately...
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  8. Lutter


    Sep 30, 2013
    Breakfast Tacos
    This place seems like if Jester King and Wakefield had a baby....

    And then that baby grew up to be a shitlord.
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  9. harrymel


    Apr 12, 2013
    Methlehem, WA
    All the pedigree, none of the production.


    And a terrible logo.
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  10. TheeWalrusHunter


    Feb 18, 2014
    Portland, OR
    I hadn't heard of Jake leaving. What a bummer.

    I was there for the first time a few weeks ago and it's a really cool space. I don't root for them to fail, I want them to do well.
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  11. The Ryan

    The Ryan

    Oct 24, 2013
    I was just offered the brewery and will be taking over operations in early 2017. Look out for an email from me sometime during Trump's second term.
  12. DougOLis


    Oct 2, 2013
    I fully expect you will have moved on and someone else announced by the second quarter of Trump's first term.
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  13. waltersrj


    Apr 14, 2013
    Portland, OR
    An Art Project in Bottle Form
    Your six pairs of barrel aged beers are bottle-conditioning and will get labeled next week.

    After two years since our campaign at the end of 2014, I am proud to say we are almost ready to unveil your Cellar Society beers. All six are now bottle-conditioning, with the finished labels set for application this coming week and next. A year ago, when we first began production and barrel aging beers for your reward, we had only been fully permitted and licensed for a single day. In other words, this has been a major priority for us from the start. As ever, thanks for your patience.

    Your Cellar Society case is unlike any other collection of beer we know of. There are six pairs of unique, barrel-aged, bottle-conditioned beers—the best beers we have made over the course of a year in action with a crew of three (in addition to 35 different draft beers, two saisons in 750s, a table stout with truffled hazelnuts, and a canned pilsner). Also, the entire case of reserve beer stands together as one continuous image. I'm going to leave it there so it's still fun to see in person! Your six beers are:
    WP1 - 6.2%abv - 22 IBU
    Brutaal, meaning “bold, audacious and cheeky” in Dutch, was one of the first recipes we scaled up, an homage to Orval with farm-grown, wild plum yeast and spicy Golding, Hallertau, and Saaz noble hops. Good thing we also stashed three barrels of it in French oak with a mixed culture heavy on Brettanomyces strains, notably C. The result is pure funky goodness, an aromatic and complex barrel-aged Belgian pale ale.

    OE2 - 6.1%abv -11 IBU
    One of the best breweries in the world is Jester King. Going back many years we have a treasured friendship with their entire crew. So we were thrilled when we scored a stash of aged hops up here from Hill Country with which to brew into a new 100% barrel-fermented saison back in March of 2016. This beer takes on a life of its own as a coppery, rustic, old-world blended ale with gently aged, funky noble hops.

    LO3 - 7%abv - 0 IBU
    Instinctive Travels, our ever-changing dry-hopped saison, has gone through many iterations. In this version, it's dry-hopped with Hallertau Blanc and Mandarina Bavaria, then aged gently with Brett and Lacto in Old Tom gin barrels from our friends at Ransom Spirits. Some of you will recall the area of the barn where we have our cellar was formerly home to Francois Freres D’Oregon (now called Oregon Barrelworks and based nearby), a Burgundian-funded, traditional cooperage in which local barrel maker Rick De Ferrari crafted ultra high quality barrels from Oregon oak. (Back in 1995 I worked as an assistant to Rick, splitting oak trunks and stacking staves for air-drying for a summer. It’s fun to know that one of the barrels Rick coopered was used to age this brew.) It’s got the complexity of traditional, spicy saison with the juicy, tropical overtones of high-alpha hops and fragrant, juniper-y Old Tom Gin.

    VP4 - 6%abv - 18 IBU
    As soon as we emptied those delicious Brutaal barrels we knew we had to have something special ready for them. At the time we were pursuing the creation of a darker, more assertively bitter saison with an array of specialty malts including Munich, Vienna, Rye, and Chocolate. As hoped this new, tawny saison took on a palpable barrel funk, which, when blended with another cask of 100% oak fermented saison, springs to life with appealing tannins and leathery brett.

    EL5 - 6.5%abv - 0 IBU
    Baird Family Farms is a neighbor in Dayton, OR which has been growing legendarily sweet and juicy peaches since 1979. To make the penultimate beer in your Cellar Society 6 we obtained a raft of ripe fruit and added them—after pureeing by hand—to a single Old Tom Gin barrel filled with Sebastian saison and our “Amigos” house sour blend, cultured since the earliest days of buildout. After refermenting with those peaches and bottle-conditioning the beer has gone to truly delicious new places.

    SE6 - 6.5%abv - 22 IBU
    It’s fitting that SE6, the final beer in your Cellar Society allotment is a single cask of Sebastian Saison aged with a substantial quantity of farm-grown Brooks a.k.a. Italian plums from the same tree that gave us our first house yeast, now a component of many of our barrel-aged beers. After all, propagating that yeast successfully led to much encouragement. What we discovered is that a wild strain like this one we now call Sebastian is a finicky, sometimes slow-moving organism. But when given time to age, the results are truly worthwhile. The color of this beer alone has been a cause for excitement. As for the flavors we couldn't be much more pleased and excited about this barrel.

    Note: at the most 250 bottles of each beer was produced. These six beers were brewed, blended, and bottled exclusively for the 100 members of the inaugural Cellar Society. A few kegs and a smattering of bottles shook out post-packaging for our library.

    These six beers were all in glass by the end of October, thus bottle-conditioning continues. Two are close and the rest need a bit more time. There's no way to know exactly when they'll all have all attained the proper conditioning, but we are now shooting for February and will keep you posted as to an exact date, with at least two weeks' notice before a release party.

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! Come in and see us for a beer! Special thanks to The Wild Hunt, which is wrapping up for the year tomorrow. Their food cart was a terrific addition to the brewery this fall.


    I am excited.
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  14. BBA


    Apr 14, 2016
    Portland, OR
    Jake was still there the last time I stopped by in early October. Surprised to hear he left though.
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  15. selbyg


    Jun 18, 2015
    Portland Oregon
    Not sure if you guys saw this..... For the heads up if you want to help. Ya'll better not be using drugs and alcohol by Mr. Wall's property

    Wolves & People Needs Your Help
    Starting a brewery isn't easy, but when the community comes together so much can be accomplished.

    Alas, things are not always hunky dory. The article below describes a public hearing we were compelled to attend last Thursday. The gist: this summer we were awarded "agri-tourism" rights which allow us to have chefs on site up to 18 weekends a year. A newly-arrived neighbor who built a house nearby and moved in after we opened has taken us to county court. Trust us, we'd rather be brewing. So please read below and we hope you will do your part to support what we do. It's important and we thank you!

    What we are asking for is your note of support referencing the following:

    - that we are a safe, clean, well-run, family-friendly establishment with a tranquil atmosphere, welcome in the community, etc.
    - that your experience has been or would be significantly enhanced by the presence of local chefs preparing food to go with our beers
    - that the quality of our beers is...? (As a reminder, our beers with ingredients off the farm itself include Sebastian Rhubarb, La Truffe, Fig Getit, Field's Edge, More Aplomb, Postman, Instinctive Travels, and many, many others...)(and of course every single beer uses our untreated well water)
    - that Yamhill County and Newberg, Oregon are enhanced by our little farm brewery
    - that noise, parking, and traffic is not an issue inside or out, etc. (especially if you are a neighbor)

    Your testimony may be mailed to:

    Ken Friday, Planning Director - Yamhill County
    525 N.E. Fourth St.
    McMinnville, OR, 97128

    OR e-mailed to [email protected], referencing docket number E-06-16. Print and sign and date your note and include your address. Notes with illegible signatures are discarded. Your letter must be received by Thursday 1/26/17 at 5pm. Thank you!

    - Note, the following news story is unedited but boldfaced for emphasis.

    Brewery Appeal Held Open
    By Nicole Montesanto, Staff Writer, McMinnville News Register, Friday 1-20-19

    The Yamhill County commissioners have continued until Feb. 16 deliberation on a Newberg brewery’s desire to stage up to 18 food and beer tasting events annually.

    The planning director authorized the series under the county’s agritourism ordinance, but neighbor David Wall appealed to the commissioners, who held a hearing Thursday.

    The planning department will keep the hearing record open for submission of written testimony until 5 p.m. Jan. 26, and rebuttal to that testimony until 5 p.m. Feb. 2. Testimony may be mailed to 525 N.E. Fourth St., McMinnville, OR, 97128, or e-mailed to [email protected], referencing docket number E-06-16.

    The application was submitted by Christian DeBenedetti for a brewery operating in a historic barn on his family farm, located 30203 N.E. Benjamin Road.

    DeBenedetti said he has 10 acres of hazelnuts, which are sold at a farm stand and used in the brewery’s farmhouse ale. He said the farm also grows plums and hops for use in the brewing operation, and cultivates “house yeast” from locally grown plums and rose hips.

    In the future, he said, he hopes to grow more fruit for use in brewery products. He said that matches the intent of the county’s agritourism ordinance — encouraging and showcasing value-added on-site uses of local farm products.

    The opposition was led by Wall, who moved earlier this year from California, and was distressed to find a brewery operating in such a rural, agricultural setting.

    In rambling testimony consuming more than 45 minutes, Wall accused county officials of colluding with DeBenedetti, questioned whether his brew was safe to consume, questioned whether his farm was actually engaged in agriculture on a significant scale, suggested his farm might be lying about its hazelnut production, speculated patrons high on alcohol and drugs might crash their cars, called the county’s filing fee for appeals “un-American,” suggested the farm might be violating the Federal Clean Water Act and leveled various other allegations and accusations.

    Wall said he intended to be neighborly, and held no malice toward DeBenedetti. But he vowed, “Make no mistake, I’m not going to have a bar across the street. I’m not going to have 250 cars going in and out of the parking lot.”

    Two other neighbors also testified in opposition, saying they were concerned primarily about traffic and fire safety. They were joined by a representative of the land use activist group Friends of Yamhill County.

    DeBenedetti told commissioners his brewery has had its water tested by a certified laboratory, passed a detailed safety inspection by the state Department of Agriculture, passed inspection by the county Health Department and obtained approval by the state Liquor Control Commission to allow minors on site. It had also been inspected and approved by the fire department, he said.

    He said he and his staff have undergone training in alcohol service, and do not serve intoxicated people. He said the access road could use improvement, and he is committed to facilitating that any way he can.
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  16. Kasher


    Oct 29, 2013
    Long Island, NY
    That would require them to actually be producing beer regularly.

  17. oregonskibum


    Jun 26, 2013
    I would encourage people to respond. This behavior is rampant, and not just breweries. Move next to something established, then complain and hire a lawyer to get them shut down. W&P run a legit establishment that is not detracting from anything in their city. This is a BS lawsuit.
  18. FoudreGuy


    Jun 29, 2016
    emerald city
    So does crazy California NIMBY transplant want to shut down W&P or just not allow them to have food on site?

    Either way, the guy is an asshole.
  19. wethorseblanket


    Jan 25, 2014
    Seattle, WA
    Holy shit! Fuck that guy. I haven't been to W&P yet but now I want to attend as many of their events as possible just to stick it to this asshat.

    I'd love to see a transcript of this entire thing. Way to do your research before you moved into the neighborhood, guy.
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  20. DougOLis


    Oct 2, 2013
    I'm guessing this guy was one of the Malheur occupiers?