Whiskey Pappy stunt tasting

Discussion in 'Whiskey, Wine & Other Booze' started by Arbitrator, Jul 1, 2019.

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  1. Arbitrator

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    Apr 10, 2013
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    I hosted a "stunt" tasting with the following whiskeys:

    Pappy van Winkle 12
    Pappy van Winkle 10
    W.L. Weller 12
    W.L. Weller 107
    Poor Man's Pappy (60% Weller 107, 40% Weller 12)
    Poorer Man's Pappy (67% Maker's Mark CS, 33% Larceny)

    My lovely wife (GhostOfGaspar) served them to us blind in random order. We took notes, ranked them, and attempted to guess which ones they were. Almost everyone was new to the whiskeys. Two guys were not beer or whiskey geeks. The remaining three (including myself) were.

    Almost universally, Weller 107 was the favorite, followed by Pappy 10. I had the opposite ordering, but close enough. I think it's a confirmation that younger, hotter whiskeys stand out in a lineup of wheated whiskeys that boast smoothness. Weller 12 was in third place for a majority of the group. Pappy 12 -- surprise, surprise -- ranked second to last or last for the majority.

    My personal order:

    Pappy 10
    Weller 107
    Weller 12
    Poorer (MMCS + Larceny)
    Pappy 12
    Poor (Weller 107 + Weller 12)

    In terms of guessing strict matches, two people got 0 right, two got 1 right, and I got 2 right.

    I guessed Poorer Man's (MMCS+Larceny) correctly; everyone commented on how nutty it was, which I think is the MMCS. It's too distinct from Pappy. I know FTowne was interested in a comparison -- there's your answer.

    I mixed up the Pappys (guessed 12 when it was 10) and the Weller blend (guessed Weller 12 when it was the Poor Man's).

    My guess of Poor Man's turned out to be Pappy 12, which was too subtle for my preferences. The other Weller juices were awash in vanilla and red berry, but Pappy 12 was vanilla and wood. It was a simple sipper; no complexity.

    CheapBeerBuzz showed up at the end with Barrell 14, Michter's 10 year Bourbon, and Redemption Rye 18, all of which became my top 3 for the night. Again: the bold flavor pattern.

    A great little stunt -- it taught me that I'm happy with the shelfie lineup, although Pappy 10 is worth chasing once in a while. Surprisingly, the blend of the shelfies is worse than the sum of its parts.
  2. sacrelicio


    May 3, 2013
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    Just finished my Michter's 10, hope I stumble upon another one soon. Larceny is great, especially for price and availability.