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  1. Beerologist


    Oct 6, 2013
    České Budějovice
    I was fortunate to win the Darklord tasting LiF that KevSal ran last month and am now am following suit and will be sending the 2 bottle shipper I received onto a new home (with beers in it of course). Most likely one of the beers I send will be picked up during this trip.

    I will be driving from my house in southern Rhode Island to Portland, Maine on Friday (9/7) for a three day weekend of eating, visiting breweries, eating some more, and exploring coastal Maine. As of right now I have 62,683 miles on the car that we will be taking and I will be driving it to and from work this week, but no major trips planned before leaving Friday morning.


    To enter you must post in this thread with:

    1) A guess for the milage on my car when I leave RI

    2) A guess for the milage on my car when when I return home

    3) A recommendation for the trip - can be somewhere to stop on the way, eat, drink, a brewery to visit (not Allagash or Oxbow as those are definitely happening), a large roadside attraction to take my picture at, etc. (If you're at a loss, pick something from the Portland, ME thread).

    4) Post a road trip related gif

    5) All guesses must be in by 8:00 am Friday 9/7

    I will sum the differences from your guesses for starting milage and ending milage from the actual mileages. The winner will be the person with the lowest number. In the even of a tie, the person with the closest guess for the milage on return will win.

    For example, if you're guesses are 34 miles away from the starting milage and 86 miles off the ending milage your number will be 120.

    **Bonus: If I end up following your recommendation (point #3) I will subtract an additional 25 off your final number.

    A few rules:

    1) Standard don't be a douche clause - basically if I can't see your post I won't know you entered (thats a short list)

    2) Winner creates another LIF within 2 months using the same 2 bottle shipper to keep it going!
  2. nathanmiller


    Oct 1, 2013
    Where Brooklyn At
    I'm not entering this. I do not need beer. But:

    3) eventide oyster co.
  3. screwyouguys


    Apr 10, 2013
    I’d recommend the Combo
    Rising tide
    Maine meadery

    All three within walking distance
  4. KevSal


    Jun 3, 2013
  5. Beerologist


    Oct 6, 2013
    České Budějovice
    Was hoping it wouldn't be this hard to give away beer here. Hopefully trip goes better than this LiF


    I'm gonna scrap this for now and will make a different LiF next week when I return from Portland.
    Thanks for the recommendations.
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  6. iong516


    Mar 11, 2015
    1) 62750
    2) 63250
    3) Nocturnem if you make it up to Bangor