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  1. ridglens


    Jun 3, 2013
    Did a few searches, and nothing on this site and only outdated stuff elsewhere.

    Here's the situation: Wife and I will be spending a few days in Paris, and possibly taking a day trip to Brussels, this December on the way to a wedding.... but, the wedding is in Dubai (ie: I can't bring alcohol into the country). I would love to do some beer hunting/justify a day in Belgium, but would like some assurance that we can ship a box or few (if need be) before I adjust our travel plans.

    Google people seem to think that "LaPost", the French postal service, will ship boxes no-problem and even inexpensively (like 40 EU for 10-12 bottle box), but this was last stated that i found in 2010. I'm sure the prices have gone up, but as long as it's dependable/relatively hassle free, i'll be good to go. i'm still working through their website with google translate (the english page is down)

    Anyone have experience with this? I wouldn't be so opposed to shipping Fedex/UPS, but shit it's expensive, and I probably wouldn't find bottles that justify it.

    OR: any beer guys in/around Paris that might be willing to help out? i can bring beer with me, if anyone is looking for trades or i can bring thank-you beer also, just can't bring any home!

    Thanks, cheers!
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  2. zieglemt


    Nov 22, 2013
    Chicago, IL
    What ended up happening for you? I'm in a somewhat similar situation. Flying to Paris in July to go to a wedding in Bordeaux 4 days later and then flying out of Barcelona the next week. I'm not sure if a trip to Brussels is in the cards, due to the short time frame, but I am definitely going to try to make it happen.

    Were you able to ship for a decent price? Did you make the (day) trip to Brussels? If so, how? Were you able to find any good stuff in Paris?

  3. ridglens


    Jun 3, 2013
    ended up making a rushed trip to brussels... terrible day, but friggin' awesome hour at Cantillon.

    we ended up investigating customs laws a little better, and just checking an extra bag. it was a bitch hauling 20+ bottles around, but worth it.

    I think we could have shipped relatively easily, but maybe expensive. we didn't really hunt for beer in Paris, we were there Sunday/Monday and a lot of the cool beer stores i researched were closed, but i think you can generally find some good stuff if you know where to look!
  4. Fux


    Mar 12, 2015
    Montelimar (France)
    Bumping an old thread just in case someone has the same concern.
    If you're in Paris, your best bet is to buy a styroshipper from La Cave à Bulles (Simon generally doesn't sell them but he got some in the shop), otherwise, you won't find a decent shipping box in Paris.
    La poste (public carrier in France) is really expensive (to the US, account for at least 10-15€ a bottle, more if you send only a few). Also note than since last year they have a 20kg limit per box (usually a 12 bottles styroshipper is in the 21-22kg...), so be careful. It's also very slow (about 15 days to reach the US).
    Private carrier are even more expensive but really faster! They also are harder to find (If you don't have a car, it will be very complicated to reach them), but I found another solution :, they work with private carriers but with far far lower prices (around 80€ for a 12 bottles styroshipper), you can go directly to the private carrier or give them a pick-up date (with a choice between morning and afternoon) and they come pick it up at your address (from the following day). It's highly recommended.
    If you're near Belgium boarder, prices there are lower (though I don't know them exactly).
    I don't live in Paris anymore but I happen to be sometimes there so if you have bottles to ship and don't feel confident, just let me know, I can maybe help.
    Also, note than it is not legal to ship alcohol to the US (I use to declare "verrerie de collection" which roughly means collectible glassware). For some reason, custom seems to be easier to get through with private carriers (I had packages arrive in NJ the following day and CA two days after shipping).
    Hope it helps!
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  5. Fluke828


    Jul 14, 2014
    please you or Fux tell me more...headed there in a few weeks...not necessarily looking to ship anything home, just good spots to buy some interesting stuff. How much Belgian stuff makes it to Paris?
  6. sacrelicio


    May 3, 2013
    Minneapolis, MN
    I like your username
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  7. FEUO


    Nov 28, 2013
    Bumping old thread.
    Heading to Paris for work in October.
    Researching some shops and bars.
    I may consider skipping up to Brussels for a day but need to sort out logistics.

    Thanks for the info so far. Will be consuming while there and not planning to bring much home except via luggage.

    Will report back later.