TBHC 8 - Virgin Free for All - Entry #6 Review Thread

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  1. coldcrash


    Mar 20, 2014
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    Please post your reviews for beer #6 here.

    Scoring should give consideration to how much you enjoy the beer, as well as the beer’s adherence to the declared style and the presence/ absence of any technical flaws. After all, this is a competition to showcase our brewing skill and ability, and adherence to prescribed parameters is a great way to showcase that. But what’s the point in brewing a technically perfect true to style beer if it’s not also enjoyable to drink?

    Feel free to refer to the BJCP Scoresheet for guidance and descriptors.

    And here’s a link to the BJCP style guidelines for anyone who wants to brush up on a given style.

    For entries without any declared style, you can assume the brewer would like their beer to be judged 100% hedonistically.

    50 total points

    Overall Impression/10
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  2. ShawDeuce22


    Apr 11, 2013

    Aroma - slight roast, clean Pilsner and roasty malt, no real hops come forward, smells like a great lager TBH 9/12

    Appearance - poured dark brown but sits black in the glass, dark khaki head has been hanging around for a hot minute 3/3

    Flavor - CLEAN!! Tastes like a lagered light porter with a bit more roast than a porter. The hop bittering balances pretty well in relation to the roasty bitterness from the grains. No lingering sweetness on the finish. 15/20

    Mouthfeel - a bit thin here, carb is medium-high 2/5

    Overall Impression - I like it but I generally like lower ABV (total guess that it’s low ABV) roasty beers. 7/10

  3. Ziggy


    Jan 30, 2015

    Aroma: Light, slightly burnt caramel. Slight amount of dark roasted malt. A little bit of coffee-like smell coming in on the back end. 8/12

    Appearance: very dark brown, opaque with a light brown head that lingers. Nice bit of lacing around the glass. No visible sediment. Looks great. 3/3

    Flavor: At first i thought this was bland but i made the mistake of drinking it cold straight out of the fridge. After it warmed up, the caramel and roasted malt came out and mixed in very well with the low amound of sweetness coming through. Getting a little bit of that roasted coffee i was smelling too. Finishes dry. Very nice. 16/20

    Mouthfeel: medium body with a medium carb. Finishes clean.4/5

    Overall: A smooth, easy-drinking dark lager with balanced roasted flavors. Nice job. 7/10

  4. More Betterness

    More Betterness

    Apr 8, 2014
    Orange County
    Gonna knock a ton of these out the next few days now that I’m back in town from Christmas!


    Aroma: Toasted cocoa nibs and coffee upfront followed by nutty malt character. Slight caramel as it warms.


    Appearance: Dark black body topped with a two finger khaki head that recedes to about half a finger and lingers for the duration of the glass. Tons of lacing. Ruby accents when held up to the light. Fricken pretty beer!


    Flavor: Bready malt flavor initially with a light unsweetened cocoa finish. Fades to a lingering and lightly bitter roasted coffee finish. Clean fermentation profile.


    Mouthfeel: Medium body with moderate carbonation. Soft and smooth.


    Overall: Easy drinking and clean Schwarz that delivers malt and roast character without ever getting acrid or overly bitter. Good stuff man!



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  5. axeman9182


    Apr 5, 2013
    Aroma: Clean. Not quite black coffee roast, and a little bit of bready malts. Minimal continental hop aroma. Very nice and appropriate for style. 10/12

    Appearance: Pours black, with a nice beige to light tan head that rises up and shows good perseverance. 3/3

    Flavor: Coffee roast, again with a touch of underlying sweetness. A light dusting of cocoa powder in the roast profile as well. Solid bready/biscuity malt backbone. Hops are used judiciously, just enough bitterness to provide balance, and just a hint of earthy/spicy hop flavor in the finish to add complexity. 16/20

    Body: Initially comes off as a little bit too creamy in texture for me. Somewhat surprisingly this seems to at least partially resolve itself after some time in the glass (if anything, I'd expect more time to intensify it as CO2 comes out of solution). 3/5

    Overall: Really, really well done version of the style. If I had one minor critique it's that I'm picking up just a little bit too much sweetness on the malt side of things for the style. Very enjoyable beer though, I'd love to hear about the process/recipe once this contest is wrapped up. 8/10

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  6. Aroma - Not overpowering but roast and coffee. A touch of prune. 7/12
    Appearance - Black as night. Quarter inch tan head that dissipated slowly. 3/3
    Flavor - Roast, coffee and some toast. Little bit of raisin. 14/20
    Mouthfeel - Medium body. Slightly creamy. 3/5
    Overall Impression - Good beer, not a style I've had many of. Very roast, coffee forward little one dimensional. 7/10
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  7. Ziggy


    Jan 30, 2015
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. coldcrash


    Mar 20, 2014
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    Aroma: bittersweet chocolate and coffee. 10/12

    App: pours very dark brown to almost black w lingering tan head. Ruby highlights around the edges may be the only hint as to the beer’s clarity as it sits nearly pitch black in the glass. 3/3

    Flavor: bitter chocolate and restrained roast with a moderate malty sweetness. Tasty beer. 14/20

    M: Light and dry on the palate. A thirst quenching beer. 3/5

    O: Really enjoyed this beer. The roastiness, slight acidity and light dry body provide a nice contrast against the malty sweetness resulting in a nice refreshing beer. 8/10

    T: 38/40
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