US - Great Lakes Witch's Hat Brewing Co. 2nd Anniversary Party

Discussion in 'Beer Travel, Events and Releases' started by tommyz, Dec 4, 2013.

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    Oct 1, 2013
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    There is a good chance that there will be bottles available of the 2013 After x-mas/x-mas ale....The Mug Club members will get a chance to buy first (party opens to them at 12). At 2pm, its open to whoever wants them..There is a limit, which Im not sure of yet..But that limit is set to All people..Even mug club members..

    This years After X mas / Xmas ale is a Belgian spiced holiday ale aged in Buffalo Trace barrels - 9.3%..They are 22oz bottles..The other special releases are in the flyer above..They will have some of the regulars on tap as well..

    Im personally really pumped about the Cherry Cordial Night Fury that is brewed with Cherries and Cocoa nibs..Thats 10.3% fyi...

    If im not mistaken, (which I could be), Its a free event...
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