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Apr 26, 2014
Lake Champlain
Well, I'll toss in what my pal Nakedwhendrunk has apparently left out, the second best selection of handles in Juneau, the Alaskan Hotel and Bar. 15-ish taps, with an obvious slant towards AK brews, usually about 5 of them are Alaskan Brewing, but they'll also have at least one Midnight Sun, usually a Baranof, and occasionally Glacier, Denali, or Kenai River beers, along with other NW craft (think Elysian, Ninkasi, Deschutes, etc), and Old Rasputin is always on. Don't let Adam make you have a pint of it as your last beer of the night, you'll regret it the next morning.

As for my former home of Fairbanks, He got it right with Silver Gulch and HooDoo (HooDoo is WAY better and an absolute must-hit for anyone traveling through Fairbanks) Gavora's is a great spot to pick up beers, with a 20-tap growler bar as well, however beware of old beers. I was there last month and noticed some 2+ year old IPA's in the cooler.

The best beer selection in Fairbanks currently resides at Brown Jug. 40-tap growler bar, a great selection of bombers and multi packs from the NW and the best selection of AK beers in the city from I believe every brewery that packages... And on my last visit a greatly increased selection of belgians, and other euro beers, as well as probably the biggest mead selection in the interior.

Northern Vines is another good spot with a small, but well curated selection of beers, some of which you won't find anywhere else in town.

And just out of town between Fairbanks and Ester is Gold Hill Liquors. Prior to Brown Jug, this was definitely your spot for euro beers in the area, along with interesting stuff that you won't see at other stores in town. However, most beer is warm, and exposed to light, and often OLD. buyer beware, but you may be able to find that limited release that has disappeared from shelves everywhere else in the world hanging out here.
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