Bourbon Infinity Bottle Pick suggestions

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Jan 30, 2015
Four roses single barrel
IW Harper 15 year
Elijah Craig small batch
Eagle rare
1792 Bottled in Bond
WL Weller special reserve
Basil Haydens
Wild Turkey Longbranch
Nov 20, 2016
Wash DC
Do people also do Scotch infinity bottles?
Yes, you can do an infinity bottle for any hard spirit. Whisk(e)y, rum, and cognac are the more popular variants. Vodka/tequila less so.
Recently went to a Glenfiddich tasting w/ the east coast rep and infinity bottles came up. She has at least 4 going right now-bourbon, rye, Islay and a highlands/speyside
You can "do" pretty much anything with your half gone liquor bottles (you could even dump 5oz of Gueuze into 20oz of liquor and it would probably protect it) but like holldy01 said, most civilized people try to have a theme to the bottle lest they just turn into "jungle juice" (or a really peated mess). If you have a Glencairn with 2oz of bourbon and add literally drops of peated whisky, it starts to takeover quickly.

Just as a personal note, I prefer saving the last 5oz of whatever of good bottles I'm done with into the Boston Rounds sample bottles, and then I can discard the big bottle and open something else. Infinity bottles, while fun to talk about, once you mix your GTS in with 8 other things, you no longer have GTS and 8 other things, you just have one thing. I guess that's the appeal to some people, but I like keeping them separate, personally.

I keep all the boston rounds in a wooden wine box in the closet, and then when I have a new bottle I want to kill (and need a sample bottle) I'll pull something out from a couple years ago and have a pour or two of "Rare Breed 2015" and then rinse it out and fill it up with something else. Or I can pull out these sample bottles and do a little blending/Frankensteining for an evening. I can't commit to dumping good stuff into one infinity bottle, but this system has worked well for me and cuts down on the amount of bottles on the bar, and gives excuse to open new ones.

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