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May 14, 2014
Bonn, Germany
Yes. That's right! It was a pleasure meeting you Don, and thanks for putting on an amazing event!
We are humbled by the response from everyone and are striving to make it better every year.

Lots of love to all of you! We have raised a lot of money for homeless, foster, and at-risk youth and our programs are really making a difference. With greater awareness and more volunteering at new avenues we can continue to chip away at this problem and help those less fortunate than us.

Cheers on behalf of cavemanlawyer teddyarrowhead LoPo87 Jessica and myself.

Think we are going to rest for a few days now:)
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Apr 17, 2013
Austin, TX
So you're saying Steve's visit was recon for inquiring minds at TalkBeer
Hard to do recon when you're so rekt that you have to dip out early from the Friday night event.

LYMI Steve
In Steve 's defense he had been bar/brewery hopping all day and had an... interesting Airbnb to get back to.
Oh, I heard. I'm rooming with Steve next year.
All of these things are true. I had a GREAT time!...especially at my airbnb. :)

It was when no one else laughed at me booing that I knew it was time to go. LYMI SeaWatchman and Forgetfu!

Joking aside, this was an outstanding event and I'm thrilled to have been a guest. Looking forward to being more involved as a sponsor next year!
Oct 2, 2013
Portland, OR
I echo all of Don's sentiments - thanks to everyone who attended and donated for making this event a success!

We showed both Pierre & Raf a good enough time that they want to come back again next year. Despite wonderful generosity from both, they say they want to do even more! Might as well keep raising the bar!

I think I met a bunch of you, but I'm god awful with names/handles and my mind is all over the place during the event. So forgive me when we meet again if I need a refresher.

Along those lines, I'll be out on the east coast 9/22-28 for MBC Boston (VIP Greeen session) and my HF CW pickup, if anyone is around then and wants to meet when I'm not completely preoccupied haha.

Thanks again, everyone!
Jul 21, 2013
Had an awesome time last weekend! Saturday was my b-day and I won the 3L Mamouche as a present to myself (sorry Bill) :) I met quite a few people during the event and at the post-auction toast with the Uli blend. I'm sure some of you were TB'ers so let me know on this thread if we met! I'd love to put a face/name to an avatar. Cheers, and looking forward to next year!
Was there a back label on it? Would bang for the bottle log.
Oct 30, 2013
Any other feedback? (Ensuring everyone's Airbnb is the same as Steve s is not possible, sorry)
Live auction the more rare bottles before the less rare one so that I don't have to hold back money and can spend more and beat GregorySingh. ;-) .

Seriously though, no one is replying to your feedback request because it was an amazingly well run event!!!

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