Catalina 4.0: Those Beyond Reproach - Hints, Pron, Shenanigans

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Oct 13, 2016

1) Each participant should plan on sending 64 oz max. This isn't about blowing your target up; it's about drinking some tasty beers with your (lit AF) Catalina fam.
2) You can exceed the oz limit by one BLIND beer. If you do this, please send instructions/hints in the box so your target knows approximate ABV, style, etc. There's a big difference between solo doming a blind IPA and a blind Dark Lord.
3) Since this is not a beer mail dick swinging contest, no haul posts will be shown. Instead, we'll all drink and post pics of individual beers during a specified drinking window. The window will be long enough for everyone to drink what they receive. If you send fresh hops before the deadline, your target can consume the beers early. However, he/she has to wait until the drinking window to post pictures.
4) This is a very social and often close-knit BIF, with multiple pages per day. Please don't feel obligated to post every day. But please also understand that active participation is highly encouraged. If you're one who tends to go MIA from these things, you will not be doing your sender any favors. We all know BIFs are one of the best ways to get to know people on this site, and the fam cannot get to know you if you're not around! It is also super social because you are expected to post the pictures of your haul as you drink them. (See #3.)

Ship deadline: Monday, November 13
Drinking window: Saturday, November 18 - Saturday, November 25

I will be taking a page from the lambandtunaphish MLB BIF and will post specific guidelines for shipping as the date approaches. But basically, if you do not ship by this date, you will not receive positive feedback. You have just over a month so there is no reason as to why this obligation cannot be met. I ask that when you do ship, that you provide me with the tracking number. You can just reply to the target PM I sent earlier this morning. Thanks. I know you are all good eggs -- otherwise you would not be here right now -- but this must be done.

Please do not be a ghost. (Srs. I will not be happy and no one wants to hear tosh bitch about it.)
New friends and degenerates: Get in there, like some posts, and let Imgur or Insta be your best friend when it comes to posting photos. ;)

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Aug 10, 2014
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Actual footage of me taking on Monday....

Actually footage of me carrying my kids bags into daycare this am.

Quantities less than the number of bags I was carrying:
-number of children I have
-combined height of my children in feet
-combined weight of my children in stones
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