US - Great Lakes Chicago Trip - Early June

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Oct 30, 2017
San Francisco
Hello Chicagoland! I'm heading out to Chicago for a wedding in early June and looking for some recs on beer and/or food. I'm pretty familiar with the OGs (e.g., Map Room, Hopleaf, Rev, Half Acre, Kuma's, Pequod's, Publican, etc...) but wondering if there's some new, up-and-comers to check out? Also, ISO any and all Midwestern AWAs and Saisons (esp Speciation, if it can be gotten) so Bottle Shop recs are also greatly appreciated. We will be staying in Pilsen and car-less, so would prefer options off the EL or easily Ubered.

Also, if anyone is ISO of NorCal beer (RR, TRB, SARA, and so on), I'd be happy to do an IP share or trade for the above-mentioned Midwestern AWAs and Saisons, just let me know!
Apr 29, 2014
Speciation is Michigan only.

Une Anne makes great AWAs, but they are up in the burbs so not too accessible by public transit, but you could find their bottles at bottle shops.

Marz has a new taproom in Bridgeport, real close to Pilsen.

For hazy IPAs Corridor and Forbidden Root are your best bets in the city, both also have food.

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