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Aug 8, 2020
Hi Fellow Brewers from around the globe,

It is a real pleasure to be part of this fraternity. a small introduction apart from the 'Introduce Yourself' page.
This is Ritwik Bhattacharya. Have been involved with Alcoholic beverage industries for past 14 years in India. I hold a B.Sc degree in Microbiology(hons) with Chemistry & Physics electives and a Masters degree in Microbial Food Technology. I have also secured the first scholarship from Institute of Brewing & distilling, London in Diploma in Brewing along with a Post Graduate diploma in Food Safety & Quality Management. worked in Multidisciplinary food and alcoholic beverage industries before joining Breweries. Worked with Brands like Carslberg, Heineken, SAB Miller, UB, Grover Zampa wines, Diageo, USL etc where i have served in various technical roles Brewing, Quality control, R&D, Product excellence services, Utility & Packaging (Bottling/Canning). I am founder of INDOBREW, a team comprising of Globally trusted Brewers, Technicians, Engineers, Vendors with over 20 years of experience from India, Europe, Africa & USA. We provide comprehensive consultation & turnkey solutions for Beer, Cider, Seltzer, Wine and Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) projects ranging from Micro to Commercial scale projects Pan India & Abroad. We also provide tailor made Financial and Comprehensive project reports for our projects. Vendor development for Raw materials and Packaging materials, Equipment design, procurement and commissioning along with Operations contract services for daily operations are also provided. Feel free to ask any queries you have pertaining to Microbrewery, Brewpub, Beer bottling or canning, Cidery, Wineries, Whiskey bottling plants, Seltzer or any other Food/alcoholic beverage projects. even if you are trying a simple Homebrew ping us and we will be glad to help, you can also check a few of our presentations for insights about the alcoholic beverage industries in India. We are daily available 12 pm-3 pm IST for chats and discussions. looking forward to AMA while sharing my experience with the growing brewing industry in India and learn a lot from skilled people in the forum. No Indian rope trick here (pun intended), not a purist but more infatuated with the authenticity and striking a balance with the growing consumer demands in different part of the world. Used to be an artist during school and fortunately(or unfortunately) was good in science as well, so brewing was the logical progression in amalgamating both the fields and i still go by that philosophy. if you agree drop me a ping would love to connect.


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