Daily Drinking Thread 12/13/13

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May 3, 2013
Florence, SC
I love that beer. So glad NC has a great IPA although kinda limited in Raleigh.
I wasn't impressed by the bottles or the tap version at first, but the canned version (maybe they changed the recipe) has blown me away. Probably the best IPA in the Southeast right now.
Sep 28, 2013
Washington, DC
It's the 10.2 after that I'm more worried about.
~4 of those miles are easy. If you can run 8 miles, you can train yourself up to 20-22 no problem at all, which you've seen with your 16 miler.

I won't lie to you though, the last 10k are horrid. Maybe you'll make it to 22 and it will only be the last ~4 miles, but you will feel awful. It's nothing to be scared of; it's part of the experience. But you will hurt in a way that is unlike any other. Ask mid-distance people who have run marathons or ask ultra/tri guys, they'll tell you that the 26.2 is the hardest race.

I've done the distance before and I used to coach running, if you have any questions, always happy to chat running.

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