Darklord Online Tasting LIF!!

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Jun 3, 2013
SF Bay Area

Oh shit its time for everyone's favorite online tasting again!!!

I recently won iong516 LIF so I wanted to do something different and fun to give away some beer.

I got a 2 bottle shipper that I want to send to someone that will contain 2 bottles from Sante Adairius. Since I will be asking a lot from the participants and this will most likely be my last lif for a while (OT was eliminated :(), I'm going to make it worth the effort


1) During the weekend starting Friday 8/17/18 to 8/19/18 you need to drink any form of 3 Floyds Dark Lord and post it up on here, please no old photos or old tasting, has to be live during the window.

2) Any year, any treatment (good and bad) any blend that contains it (baller and murda'd), so if you have something you've been waiting to crack this will be perfect time to break it open

3) Change your avatar to something relating to something Dark Lord until the window is closed

4) Winner creates another LIF within 2 months using the same 2 bottle shipper to keep it going!
would also be cool if the winner posted on here some ddt when they open the recency

*bonus points for posting Dark Lord related gif when drinking your dark lord
** more bonus points for drinking it proper

The week following the window I will gather all the entries and random generate a winner!

A year ago jdd419 took home the crown, maybe he will remain dark lord champ?
Previous entrants, wanna party again?

also steimie you down this time?? lol

If you don't have a dark lord find someone who does! or trade for one, there should be enough time to get your hands on some, there's a shit ton out there

lets get it on!

Dec 4, 2015
Long Beach, CA
Ok, so I have a Dark Lord and really want to participate.
Just don't fucking change the date a bunch of times. I can't take this down solo. That Friday I plan to be in Toledo and end my night at Maumee Bay. Anyone care to meet to take part in this life?? Feel free to tag those Toledo-adjacent.

Here is a shameless plug for my own lif...entries end on Saturday.


jdd419 you local?

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