DDT - 12/19/20 The Lodge is Dead. Long Live the Lodge.

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Feb 19, 2015
San Diego
What else is in your top 10? I could use a new to watch list.
Also to remain on topic, in the process of hydrating self....weird weather over the night and my head has been spinning and screaming all day..so....beer later after a burrito or leftover pizza or something.

As for my top 10
1. Possessor (undisputed winner of the year for me)

the rest are in no particular order because I am too lazy to do so

The Lodge
Invisible Man (2020)
The Dark and The Wicked
Color Out of Space
The Platform
Anything For Jackson

Plenty of others that were close like Vivarium, Extra Ordinary, Come To Daddy, The Rental, Host, and Run.

Also I do recommend Kingdom (tv series on netflix, 2 seasons) as well as Alice In Borderland (tv series, also on netflix)

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