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Supremium Porter
Jun 3, 2013
SF Bay Area
honestly why even have the limit that high. 1 to 2 4packs pp would have been enough.

last sale was a case per person. they should have learned from that.
or not announce the time again, the random time during the day last for hours. i think they should have kept that going
Apr 17, 2017
San Diego
Cool. Per email:

“Thank you so much for ordering our beer this past week during our can release. Unfortunately, we packaged more Powerbatch 5000 cans than we had labels for. We have a rush order in for more labels so we will still be able to fulfill your order, but it will be a few days later than anticipated. Once the cans are labelled, we will reach out with your new pick up date. YOU CAN STILL PICK UP THE REST OF YOUR ORDER. There will also be an overnight shipping option for those of you who can’t make it to the taproom. We feel terrible about the situation and we are working hard to get you this delicious beer as soon as possible.”

Shipped free or did the 4pk cost me another $12 or so?