US - Great Lakes Five days in Chicago. Am I missing anything?

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Apr 12, 2013
So Chicago lived up to all the hype and then some! I'm actually jealous of you guys since the beer scene is much more mature than where I'm at in the Bay Area, CA. Here are the places I made it to with a brief impression on each:

Mikerphone (Cool place, good haze bro beers, awesome milk stout)
Lou Malnati's (Tasty enough pizza. Lacking some depth of flavor. Sauce was nice and fresh)
Pipeworks DOJO (Got an S-load of BA beers. The thimble size tasters were a bummer)
Binnys South Loop (Stocked up on lagers and Saint Errant IPA bottles)
Forbidden Root (AMAZING place! Beers were adventurous and tasty. Power trip is right up there with East Coast haze)
Girl and the Goat (Sat in the lounge and had green beans with goat empanadas. LOVE)
Haymarket (People really like to get drunk here)
Corridor (Slightly disappointed in the beers. Cool place though)
Sheffields (Guy sitting next to me at the Cubs game insisted I go here with him. GOOD ADVICE. Had GI Prop on tap)
Dovetail (Highlight of the trip. Got a tour of the place including barrel room and coolship. AMAZING lagers!)
Half Acre Balmoral (Bad service. Ok beers. Not really worth the trip)
Hopleaf (One of the best beer bars I've ever been to. Another highlight)
Bangers and Lace (good beer selection. Kind of a snooze fest. Must of hit them at the wrong time)
Big Star (Good taco's, but I prefer the Cali roach coaches)
Links Taproom (Great bartender. Awesome neighborhood. Fun place)
Revolution (Disappointed in the BA beers. Others were good. Cool old school place)
Beer Temple (Awesome bartender. Met Good Beer Hunting dude here)
Three Floyds (A bit disappointed. Would've been over the moon nine years ago)
Jake Melnicks (late night drunk stop)
Burger Antics (One of the best beer lists on the trip. I chickened out and got the lunch size burger)
Imperial Oak (they had no water, but still let me in and served me in plastic cups. lol. Much appreciated)
More (Bomb hazy double IPA. Wish they had more beers)
Noon Whistle (Friendly people, good beers, nicely set up place)
Pequod Pizza (Preferred this over Malnati's)
Local Option (Not really my scene, but I appreciate what they have going on)

Can't wait to come back!
Just heard from LT (assistant brewer with the long white beard) and Chris (one of the owners) that you were totally low key when you heard about the water outage at Imperial Oak and had to be served from plastic (which I would understandably be miffed by), but seemingly had a good time. Sorry our paths didn't cross!

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