FT: 1/6 barrels of b1 Cuvee de Grace & Mixed Berry Ryeway ISO: Lambic, BA Stouts & Barleywines

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Apr 14, 2014
Hi All,

I have 1/6 barrels of Mixed Berry Ryeway and b1 Cuvee de Grace, and am looking to trade them after my kegerator went out on me. Kegs were roughly 400 each (300+tax, tip & 50 deposit), and I'm looking for something comparable in exchange, but am happy to go retail for secondary. Interested in good lambic and/or BA imperial stouts & barleywines. This would need to be IP and I'm in Indianapolis (and am willing to meet halfway between StL, Louisville, Chi, and Cincy). Have other things to add if necessary. Message me if you're interested; thanks for looking.

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