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Sep 25, 2015
Orlando FL
I’m a sucker for trusty old ECBP (and also MGP bourbon/rye) and i’m wondering if some kind soul would part with a couple from their treasured stash in return for lambic. Here’s my proposal but i can add or edit if need be.

FT Choose one:
  • Cantillon 50n 4e 2012 (b2)
  • Cantillon Reine des Pres
  • Cantillon GCB Brut b1
  • Bierpallieters + OGV 2014 (counts as 1)
  • Bokkereyder Steen
  • Bokkereyder Pjassel
  • Bokkereyder Abrighost
  • Bokkereyder Vlierbloesem
  • Bokkereyder Wingjaard
I also have some of the unreleased 3F experimental “Speling Van Het” lambic series. If interested, maybe just PM me for specifics.

ISO One line:
  • Two bottles of old label ECBP (including one of batch # 7, 9, 10, or 11)
  • Or, one bottle of ECBP batch #6 (“hazmat”)
If you don’t have a bunker of ECBP but have other whiskey (SAOS, WFE, high proof SFTB, SCN picks, etc - even Armagnac darroze or l’Encantada) reply below or slide into PMs. Cheers!
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