FT: Homebrew ISO: derision/ostracizing/antagonism/perpetual shaming

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Apr 12, 2013
Looking to offload some bottles of my shitty homebrew on someone. Full disclosure, it is really horrible.

In return I am looking for a full dress-down on a regular basis. Hopefully I can get someone long term to really rake me over the coals, you know, bring up how fucking lame I am in totally unrelated threads and keep me perpetually aware of how little value I have as a person. If you want to expand we can also work out an IP deal where you just lambast me in front of my friends and relatives on a semi regular basis.

Variants unimportant, from Depomation to current Blog ridicule will work, whatever you feel is fair. Flexible on the vintage of the hate speech, prefer 2011 but willing to tolerate comments on recent failures as well.

Just looking for something that is fair on one side and completely degrading on the other.

If I am off on this one just let me know.
Not open for further replies.

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