Game of Thrones thread

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do you like the books or show better?

  • the books!

    Votes: 50 24.8%
  • the show!

    Votes: 25 12.4%
  • you mean the show is based on books?

    Votes: 54 26.7%
  • they're both great

    Votes: 73 36.1%

  • Total voters
Oct 6, 2013
San Diego, California
The end of Season 3 of Twin Peaks is the greatest thing ever shown on television.
I've been slowly re-watching and need to finish the second half of it to really form my opinion on it.

Back to GoT. Was Bran shown on the Iron Throne for the teaser pictures prior to the start of the season? If not, that's certainly the curveball they were going for for the finale. I'm glad it was him over Ayra though, which I felt would have been probably the worst choice out of the remaining characters based on her character arc.
Nov 28, 2013
It's okay - most people didn't get that show, and they take it out on those of us who did. Just keep yourself wrapped tight in that misogyny and you'll be alright.
Bad joke? Not sure what the fuck you meant about misogyny. Does me referring to a trashy young lady as such mean I hate women? Fuck off douche. Men and women can be trashy equally.
Jan 18, 2019
Pittsburgh, PA
I also like the idea that he causes Aerys II to turn "mad" as well. I gotta think GRRM gave them the Hodor idea and he'll get more into that stuff in the book.
Here's the thing, the last two seasons would have been completely redeemed if something like that happened because it would have shown that D & D were paying attention and were just teasing us along the entire time. As it stands, they were just a bunch of wankers masquerading as writers who could not give a fuck less about how the series ended, as long as they got their payday and HBO saw record numbers so they could inherit another series to fuck up.