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Apr 10, 2013
Northern NJ / NYC
People are ISO that OG glass? It's ugly as shit. I ended up with extras of them because someone I trusteed for didn't want it and just left it at my house. I think I already gave the extra away but they really just take up space. I really hated that 2-tone design. I'm glad they eventually cleaned it up, although, honestly, the best glass they've made IMO is the 2-year anniversary one. I'm sad because I only have one.
Could you share a photo of that one?
Oct 1, 2013
San Diego
HUGE shout out to pugsandsuds for his generosity! Saw me looking for the 2017 SARA Cellar glass and offered it for a label. Then he went over the top in sending the OG Bulb as well...

No problem, happy to send as I hadn't used either in over a year.

The 2nd anniversary one? Not easily, but it's basically the same as the green-font snifter but with white font. I like white lettering better than colored lettering, I guess (in before "yo dat's racist").
Completely agreed about the 2nd anniversary glass. There's not much glassware that I don't mind running through the dishwasher or would be concerned about breaking, but that's the one my wife asks I do my best not to shatter/ruin as I gave mine away at the party to a buddy that dropped his.
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