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Oct 24, 2013
Hot Dog, Sandwich

Time to stalk your target, post hints, and participate in random shenanigans. Targets have been sent out. If you did not get one, please PM me.

Participation and hint giving is strongly encouraged.

Again, here are the minimum box requirements:
Minimum box requirements are going:
144 oz minimum of beer
1 piece of swag (apparel, glassware, etc.)

Please make sure your box is sent by Monday, June 13th. Failure to do so will result in negative trade feedback and constant ridicule, but you won't do that.

Add your information, wants, likes/dislikes, etc. to the shared spreadsheet. Helps your senders.


Any questions, just ask or shoot me a PM.

List of participants:

tosh Oaklandtraders BrandoSF Tlo4sho BoatsAndHoes omgrr Coldsnack BrownBear jakeox
Tbarnick These are Talls cmgray03 ChicagoGuy factory mzdoja beerherder clevelandisthecity
etusick rrrjjj drbenzo tikk mcgrupp1922 bmh_the_1legend ThreeFishes Shellac44 jules223344
BeerRookie jupiter6xx evilhead CoinStarChange brewtus cuzco boogercrack Noots MooltiPass
PepeSylvia RC46Interceptor radio2525 swisseroo ckowalski mymrnngjckt coach BadJustin
SpentBrain OldMetalGuy CornAndBeer ClCardinal84 theLostWizard brian4beer tacomabeer
EliotRosewater mateoloco DJPhresh jdd419
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