Is Fantome "back"?

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Sep 28, 2013
In a van by a river
Imgur app isn't working you Fuck... and it hasn't worked since I updated my stupid iPhone! Now I can tell you have NEVER had lockeroom talk about women... maybe about men! But not women! FACT!
Take this bullshit out of this thread.
Tell us which tomes you drank and what you thought of them. In this particular thread, that is all we care about.
Apr 2, 2014
Bay Area
No politics here. Dany would be furious.
Fine! No pics b/c of the stupid app! They were all Sur Lie... 3 of them D N 16 those were pretty freaking good! Mango forward! The 4th but the 2nd one I drank didn't have a best before label and that was Awesome & darker!!
Feb 18, 2014
Got to open up some nice bottles this weekend with a friend in town.
Sur Lie '13 - nice, big strawberry character, but getting some plastic phenolics
Sur Lie '15 - still one of my favorite batches, big tropical fruit flavors, lightly tart, amazing
Magic Ghost '14 - still a rough batch of MG, bit macha and woodruff flavor, apples, brownish dark green, odd
Sante 12 - this bottle was more oxidized than the last I opened, falling off
Sante 19 - still love this one, lots of lime and citrus going on, drying out a bit more than when it was fresh
Sante 20 - I opened a bottle a week or so ago and it was much different, this had a lot more thyme, more like Printemps

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