Liquor ISO: 70s/80s Canadian Club FT: Beer, Bourbon, Glassware, IDK?

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Feb 11, 2014
Chicago, IL
I am in need some vintage Canadian Club, it's more for nostalgia purposes than anything else. My problem is I have no idea what this stuff might be worth or if anyone even bothers collecting it. So, I haven't a clue on what to exactly offer, but here are some examples of what is available:

– Off Color anything (minus Eeek! because I am all out)
– New Glarus R&Ds, I have several different options
– Half Acre wild ales, if you don't know, you soon will about the awesome
– Large amounts of 2016 BCS and BCS Barleywine
– Bourbon samples (1.5oz), Pappy 15yr, Old Rip 10yr, WLW and the list goes on
– Cantillon glassware, tulip, guezue, ballon or I don't remember the name of it. There is more
– Natural wines, if you like them, I can send a smattering worth equal value

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