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Oct 8, 2013
hey everyone,

it's that time of year again, we are coming up on the 8th annual Brews for New Avenues located in Portland, OR being held on Sat Aug 10th! as some of you may know, I work on the Wall of Beer which gives a the event attendees a chance to go home with some bottles of excellent craft beer that have been donated by wonderful people such as yourself.

This year, I figured I'd wait until a bit closer to event since this seems to be a mostly last-minute kind of crowd. We are looking for donations to help stock the Wall of Beer and I would like to give some beer away for your help and contributions. This year I will be giving away the newest batches of The Broken Truck and The Anniversary from De Garde to whoever wins the giveaway!

Send a minimum of two bottles to Brews for New Avenues (this donation info must be filled out:
Box must be received by Friday Aug 2nd - no exceptions! All items are sorted on Sat Aug 3rd.
Bottles must be of obvious quality or desirability - don't send any gas station 12oz lager bottles, bottles that get PNW/nationwide distro, your skunky IPAs that someone sent you as extras that you never got around to drinking - basically send the beer you would be happy to receive.
Send me a message to confirm the bottles sent and a tracking number.

That's it! Once I have your tracking info, I'll add you to a spreadsheet and pick a winner with the random number generator. I will pay for shipping the prize to an address in the lower 48. Winner will be drawn on Sat Aug 3.

I know a lot of people have splintered off, please feel free to share this with them. I will also take donation info via email - [email protected]


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