ISO: Cantillon, Drie Fonteinen, large format whatever. FT: de Garde

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Oct 1, 2013
Looking for in person only at our taproom, though can possibly make Portland work too. Doesn't have to be today, tomorrow, or next month.
Primarily looking for:
LP Kreik, Framboise, Gueuze
Any Armand Seasons
3F Vintage
Or any other highly regarded Lambic or Gueuze. No Blabaer. No Classic (unless it's over five years old).
Will make it worth your time/beer.
Also looking for large formats to share out here. Prefer 3L, but still dig magnums.
If we made it, there's a very good chance we have it available to swap from our cellar. Not looking to haggle, so shoot me a reasonable offer and I'll make sure you leave happy. :)

Edit: if you must, gifs or pics of big bottles and ninjas.

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