ISO: ?? FT: Pliny the Younger - LOCAL ONLY

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Apr 21, 2013
Oceanside, CA
Hello All! Some of you may recognize/know me from the early days of Talk Beer...I'm making my first post after a 6.5 year hiatus! I used to trade beer very regularly a while ago but stopped as the beer trading scene was getting out of control, and doesn't seem to have gotten any better, haha.

I'll cut to the chase, I'm in San Diego county and this trade is for LOCAL ONLY. Therefore if you're not in San Diego or Orange county please do not respond.

I just received my case/4 bottles of Pliny the Younger today and I have 1 bottle I am saving for trading to another SoCal resident who wasn't able to get a case. I didn't list any ISO beer because, honestly, negotiating for beer trading seems like a giant pain in the ass these days. I don't care about price, hype, bottle counts, grey market values, etc...I just want to trade good beer for good beer. So make an offer and let's not make this complicated...from one SoCal resident to another. Cheers!
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