ISO: Upright Clash Beer, FT: L or R teste, or beer if that's your bag...

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Apr 10, 2013
Hey guize, super duper long shot but I am ISO this beer right here also knows as "Clash Beer". As an avid Clash/Strummer fan I must own a bottle! Brewed in 2010 and its a 6.75% pale yaaaa

If you have a bottle or know someone with one please reach out to me. I can offer some combination of the following beers that are not over the hill:
'12 BCBS
'12 Big John
'12 Night Stalker
'13 KBS
'12 Tilquin Gueuze
'12 Drie Fonteinen Gueuze
'11 + '12 NEBCO Wet Willy
Bolt Cutter, Doom, FBS, FIS, Backwoods, etc

plus whatever is on the shelf and available in CT or MA or NEBCO/Treehouse growler fills if you wanna risk it.

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