ISO: Your Best "Other Site" Ban/Discipline Story | FT: KRE, BCBCS, BN, Loons, CCB, HF, Prairie

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Sep 29, 2013
Alrighty, so I'm newish here, but I've recently been permanently banned from that "other site" for "rules violations" "troll, crybaby" (update probably b/c of this thread; internet tough guys are the best). The odd part about that is that, of course, when asked (repeatedly) what rules I violated, they wouldn't say (presumably, because I didn't actually violate any). Rather, as near as I can tell, what got me banned was this post I made on THIS site. They didn't much like being challenged on their own site and apparently liked it even less when it got mentioned on an entirely different site.

In any event, like any newcomer to a family, I've come to try and gain acceptance through downright open, unconcealed bribery, and a good 'ol fashioned game.

The Contest:
  • Post your best story of run-ins with The Bros. and/or their Mods (links, if they're still up, are welcome), with particular emphasis on stories highlighting their elitism, general disdain for their users, and general douchebaggery.
The Rules:
  • Stories must be true; verified by you personally (either it directly involved you or you witnessed it).
  • Stories which resulted in a ban will be awarded 2 extra votes.
  • Stories involving Todd, F2Brewers, or blue-dream will be awarded 1 extra vote for each such individual involved (e.g., Todd stories will get 1 extra vote, Todd & F2Brewers stories will get 2 extra votes, and so on).
  • If you have an active account on that other site right now and are banned as a result of participating, I will send you free beer.
  • If you have an active account on that other site right now and want to post a story, but don't want to risk being banned, PM me the story and I will post it anonymously on your behalf.
  • Winners will be determined by the number of likes a story receives. Only votes from accounts in existence as of the date this thread was created will be counted (no stuffing the ballot box); note, however, that stories from ANY account (regardless of when created) are eligible to win (I cross-posted this in a few places, so hopefully this gets a few more new users here).
  • Voting will end at 3:12 PM EST on December 12, 2014 (exactly 1 week from the time of my ban).
  • When voting ends the top 3 finishers will each get to pick 2 beers from the below Prize Pool, one at a time to ensure fairness. Selection will go in the following order: 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place, rinse, repeat.
  • Don't be a dick.
  • "Respect bee...errrrrr...people."
The Prize Pool:
  • '14 KRE
  • '14 Black Note
  • '14 Arthur
  • '14 Westy 12
  • '14 Zhukov
  • '13 BCBCS
  • '13 Illuminating the Path
  • '13 Cantillon Gueuze 100% Lambic Bio 375 (i.e. "Classic" but w/ Belgium label)
  • Prairie Variants (counts as 1: pick 2 (no dupes) from Bomb, Vanilla Noir, Coffee Noir, or Wine Barrel Noir)
The Gifs:
  • Gifs which best exemplify the behavior of your typical BA mod or user. I wanna see a lot of neckbeards.
  • Death-defying displays of Christmas decorating heroism.
  • Lebowski.
I was following that thread and was real tempted to join in. On the surface it seemed like a safe thread, but engaging with close minded, stubborn people with no sense of humor was going to end up with bannings for sure. You definitely didnt deserved to get banned. Welcome here and good on you for this contest.
Jun 11, 2013
Can't ban me, I use a different name! I'd leave already but honestly for arranging IP trades it's been pretty useful. That's all I do there now.
May 9, 2013
Got banned earlier this year during the whole Beatification 3L shitstorm. People were posting absurd combos of walez for the single 3L and getting crickets, then the occasional 3L would post FT asking for even crazier shit. Completely out of control.

And then one of the BA staff (was either f2 or the new-ish coding guy they hired) posted an ISO on the opposite end of the ludicrous spectrum: something like 5-6 bottles on the level of regular Huna for a Beat 3L. His post received a bunch of likes, which I assumed meant he completed the trade a few times over, so I put together an even better offer and posted my own thread:

ISO: 3L Beatification, FT: 8 bottles

2x Black Note
2x KBS

+ one Heady Topper as an extra. I explicitly pointed out that, since all of these were (and still are) rated more highly than Beatification, I'd be losing on both taste and ounces.

Replies were swift and varied in both range and rage. I responded to each posted exception with the same measured logic used to create the thread and was therefore surprised to find it deleted shortly thereafter. Received a warning for "trolling", stating that I "knew what [I was] doing." A day or two later, I politely asked f2b for the thread to be reinstated so I could edit the offer and was permabanned.

TLDR: I was banned for posting an ISO the mods disagreed with.
Sep 13, 2014
Kalamazoo, MI
May 1, 2013
near a big river
Sep 3, 2013
Highlands Ranch, CO.
That's pretty awesome. They have traders perpetrating out-and-out fraud on that site ( ), and yet, rather than spending time cleaning that up, they're busy lurking in this thread getting their hollow revenge on people who see them for the insecure bullies they are. Classic.
Anyone else notice that they kept threatening timeouts and bans, which is exactly what the dude wanted, rather than help the OP work shit out. Fucking Power trip homies. homies the lot of them.
Feb 13, 2014
Tampa, Florida
You made a post on page 3 of this thread. Sad that they have nothing better to do with their lives than lurk on here looking for threads like this.
Fwiw, we did tag them. Haha. Which is great, so now f2 can see me calling him a fucking bag of c-unt...again. I think those were my final words to him before my first ban. I've periodically trolled him since.
Oct 8, 2013
Brooklyn, NY
How I haven't been banned over there yet, I have no clue. Hell, I've come extremely close to getting banned here. Maybe I should make the toilet GIF my avatar over there and see how that goes.
Sep 30, 2013
How I haven't been banned over there yet, I have no clue. Hell, I've come extremely close to getting banned here. Maybe I should make the toilet GIF my avatar over there and see how that goes.
Has anyone actually been banned here besides the joromiller troll account?
Dec 7, 2014
I am no longer allowed in Boston's Mead Hall.

At Meadhall, the bathrooms are downstairs. As you walk down the steps, there's a large board that's been signed by luminaries of the craft beer world. The Alstrom Bros signed their names real big, and since I had a sharpie with me I wrote the word homies (an F-word slur for homosexuals) next to their name. Then I drew an arrow to their names, so people would know they were the homies I was talking about.

Quite pleased with myself, I took my time in the bathroom. Then some nosy b-word blocked me on the way up and asked some really insulting questions, like "did I write on the board," and "do I have a sharpie" and "how come there are sharpie marks on your hands?"