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May 3, 2013
.... run on sentence I'm down to party but I've noticed our people fall short sometimes. give me a sec to explain. Ive drank many beverages of all types whether they were cheap or expensive for me they all had their different traits. One way or the other i mostly liked, why cause Idq liked to get drunk.

Now, Ive been drink primarily correctly brewed perfectly balanced beers of all sorts and style, matter of fact styles I've never knew even existed. I would like to inform u all that I don't have the time to sit here and educate the few of you who don't know what the fuck I'm talking about. I have been In this time period getting as ridiculously high as I can at all the same beer events that you and your closest friend have gone to.

With all do respect I speak these words of Blasphemy , how can u still say your palate is prepared for another wonderful round of Flora. Well, I say to you good sir, I'm glad we get more then one mouthful :) I've observed more then I spoke and I've listened to more then one of the brightest stars of this movement and I can say I much would rather listen to more then talk over some of the worlds most under celebrated human beings on the mother f$%^&*( planet.

Gosh darn u run on's So pretty much I'm saying that either way we win , I'm gonna be drunk and presumably high , but maybe , maybe not I feel like the more dunk I get I understand they world little bit better. I've been a party head my whole life , not bad drugs FYI. I see ourselves If I dare to associate myself with such fine women and gentleman as yourselves.

We are fortunate to be able to drink the most finest liquid on this planet, coming from Cottrells brewery as a volunteer for 6 months it's amazing to be apart of something and seeing from being to end how a amazing product is made. What I learned from these people was working in a brewery can be fun and buissness as well.

I will leave here with what I consider my final moment , Beer in all its forms is and was a common mans beverage. I can't help but type this in the way I see life as well as beer.

What I'm trying to say I hope we all are cool unpretentious people other wise , We all are gonna spend too much for amazing beer that I do admit desrves it but Do we have that to spend.

Chewers thankd for the read im gonna get high and jack off.
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