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May 15, 2014
Hey everyone.. I'm looking to get some advice on 1 if not 2 LIFs I was thinking of doing.. I'm not sure if The bruery re-releasing the remade 12 days of Christmas packs hurt the value of this or not but I wanted to ask anyway.

Me and my wife and 4 year old daughter are moving over to Africa for 7-8 months next year to help and serve the people of Africa who don't have much food or shelter and so I'm trying to raise funds for this move.

I thought either selling the set outright or doing a LIF would be the best way to still get money out of it but also get it into the hands of beer plp who would appreciate it.

So I have all 12 of the original 12 days of Christmas series by The Bruery.. In 2010 I started collecting these... I was able to buy 3-12 off the shelves and from there they went straight into my 55degress temperature controlled cellar. In 2011 after I was able to trade for 2TD and Partridge in a pear tree.

I know Partridge is the rarest as I think back in the day I head someone say they only made like 300-350 bottles and prob less than 20 bottles are still out there unpopped... Not sure how accurate that is.. Just what I heard back in the day.

So I was wondering if this intact properly cellared series had any value for me to raise money for? Just not sure if there is any interest in these beers at all?? Don't want to list something that no one wants.

I also have 2001-2020 vertical of sierra nevada Bigfoot barleywine that has been properly cellared.

So if anyone has any advice on if I would get very much money out of either of these sets doing a LIF or just selling them to a tasting group that would be much appreciated.

I used to be super involved with the beer community but haven't been so the last 3-4 years with just different things going on in life.

I would love to get these beers into the hands of plp who could enjoy them but not sure the best way.

Thanks for any advice you all have!

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