LIF: June ddt, drink it now and shenanigans

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Supremium Porter
Jun 3, 2013
SF Bay Area
can’t wait any longer, let’s drink it now! oops i mean RNG now!

ohhh snap, looks like this guy is giving away beer and getting beer

Thanks to everyone who participated in my LIFception. The entries are listed below. If I missed anyone or wrote down your guess wrong speak now or forever hold your binkies.

KevSal: July 22nd Girl
clevelandisthecity: July 8th Boy
capnmike: July 16th Boy
Turfy: July 17th Girl
liquiddegenerate: July 12th Boy
NeedsMoreDog: July 28th Girl
BigFrank: July 21st Boy
long516: July 9th Boy
locker338: July 3rd Girl
jammery: July 13th Girl
quirk: July 28th Girl
abstractlegend: July 22nd Boy
BeerandNoise: July 18th Boy

clevelandisthecity made quick work of this LIF by being the second to toss in a guess and nailing the date exactly. The gender was wrong but I think JBoogie Jr still works for a girl.

Send me those deets! Box is packed and ready to go.
hopefully someone starts round july somewhere else!

JBoogie i think your info was deleted on my
work computer, send over your deets!!

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