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Sep 29, 2013
st louis
This year has been a brutal year for everyone but the charities for cycling and running are really struggling. These events raise substantial money fighting diseases.

Cancer sucks so every year I ride 100 miles for Pedal the Cause . Usually I do this because it is the right thing and I like bikes but since last years ride 2 people I knew lost their lives to cancer. One was the captain of a team that supported charity rides. The other was a mother of a close friend.

Starting off with these 4 bottles. As much as I would love to drink these there is a bigger picture. “Tickets” are $20 each. Each ticket represents a chance to win. I add all the names from the list and give everyone a number and use a generator to pick a winner.

Please donate to the link and make sure to add your info.

Thanks ❤1C0A8D9A-0AF2-4B16-962D-7AE0A5A72710.jpeg

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