Make A Wish - Shelf Turd Edition

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Feb 2, 2014
Redmond, Oregon
Welcome to the Make A Wish Thread - Shelf Turd Edition!!! This is a long term BIF. Open to any member of 90+ days and 50+ posts. CONUS only.

The Rules

1. A member will make a wish list of 10 or more beers they would like to have. These should be 'shelf' type beers that are readily available for the majority of people near the brewery or the breweries distribution. Seasonal beers are OK as long as they are readily available and easily obtainable. An attempt at the definition of a shelf beer is at the bottom of this post.

2. Then, someone who is able to provide at least 2 beers on the list, will post up ‘that they can fulfill the wish’.

3. Once you see the post fulfilling your wish, send a pm to that person with your shipping address. Then post a confirmation of 'Wish Granted' in the MAW Thread. Now they get to post up their own MAW 'Wish List'

4. Ship your wish fulfillment package in a timely manner. There is no quicker way to generate ire from your TB peers than to leave them waiting. If there is a delay in getting it out….COMMUNICATE. We all know things pop up, be courteous and give your wish recipient a heads up.

5. If someone accepts to fulfill the current MAW and doesnt follow through, they will receive negative trade feedback and be banned from participating in the BIF.

6. Shipping must include tracking, when you get the package sent out.... A) send the tracking info via PM to the recipient and B) Post in the open thread that a PM has been sent to the recipient with the tracking info. Do not post tracking info in the open thread. Doing so will result in being banned from the MAW

7. Let the members know when you’ve received your package by posting up pictures of your MAW.

8. Please wait a week after agreeing to fulfill a wish before doing so again. This allows for others to participate in the thread.

9. This kind of thread ebbs and flows, sometimes it is extremely active, others it moves slow. Use this to judge if your wishes need to be expanded, especially if your list is high end beers or extremely rare and limited production.

10. Have fun!!!

Reminders and Suggestions:

-TB is not responsible for any problems or mishaps should any arise

-You have to grant a wish before posting yours.

-This is not a contest of quantity or who can outdo who, but extras are encouraged. While limited release beers should not be on your list, you are allowed to send them as extras, of course.

- This thread is not for seeking 'Whales', if someone had to stand in line for a single day limited release, that beer should not be on your list. If these types of beers end up on your list, you will be asked to remove them. If you are looking for limited release beers go here:

-If your list has not been granted within a few days or so, make some additions. There is no specific time frame for additions but it helps to move things along. Bigger lists tend to get granted more quickly.

Note: The following members will be moderating this thread. If you have any suggestions or if there are any “bumps” along the way, please send a pm and they’ll do their best to handle the situation. Allow them to address these situations via PM, rather than discussing it in this thread.


Cheers and have fun!

*Definition of shelf beers - These should be readily/currently available beers that can be purchased by someone in the breweries marketplace without: standing in line (within reason), entering a lottery, extremely limited allocations (e.g. limit 1-2/PP releases), etc. You should literally be able to walk in and pick it up off the shelf (or ask for your growler to be filled). Seasonal, brewery only and limited release beers are OK, but only if they are again readily/currently available on the shelf at a store or brewery for you to simply walk in and purchase. Honestly if you have to ask about availability other than whether it's in season or not, it probably shouldn't be on your list.

Banned List:
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Feb 2, 2014
Redmond, Oregon
So I figure we can start this out just like last time, first 10 people that post a number between 1-10. Then I will pick a number at random to go first. So it will be free beer for you to start!

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